Nashville season one finale: The worst day since yesterday

Nashville 1x21: I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive

Nashville 1×21: I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive

Nashville 1×21: I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive
The season finale of Nashville was amazing, shocking and heartbreaking at the same time. Of course it was soapy, but it wrapped up the first season in a great way with tons of cliffhangers. That’s why I’m only going to discuss the cliffhangers, otherwise this review will gets as long as Rayna James repertoire.

Rayna James is dealing with Maddie and Deacon finding out about Teddy not being Maddie’s biological father. Both lash out at Rayna and I have to say I felt kind of sorry for her. At least when Maddie lashed out at Rayna, because clearly her kids aren’t aware of Deacon’s not so sober days. I’m not surprised that Deacon relapsed because of the news. Nashville is a drama after all, so why would the writers not use such a great trigger to let our favorite sober star relapse?! Deacon fighting Coleman, frightening Scarlett (and us) in the process was some great acting by Charles Esten. Although I thought he looked even more menacing when he was alone in his bathroom and continued drinking. There is dark road ahead for him… Although you could question why he didn’t try to claim Maddie right away, because he has been longing for a family these past few weeks. Clearly the writers wanted to up the stakes a bit more for Rayna and Deacon by letting their car crash in the final moments of the episode. That accident did not look pretty. Of course the stars of the show will make it out alive, but it’s clear that Deacon and Rayna’s relationship has a big dent in it, if you can still speak of a relationship in the first place when they wake up in the hospital. I just hope Rayna sticks by Deacon’s side for once and doesn’t run away when it gets tough. She did that once by marrying Teddy and look what that brought her.

Teddy might have stepped up for once, with the Maddie situation. But the rest of his storylines are rubbish. The feds are closing in on the Cumberland deal bullshit and Peggy confessed she is preggers. Please get a paternity test taken immediately. She is crazy enough to trick him, I think. Talking about the political side of Nashville… Tandy got demoted by her father, so she decided to quit the business completely. Good for her! I much rather see her as Rayna’s assistent or something. Tandy is a lot more fun when she is on speaking terms with her sister. But of course Tandy knows stuff about the Cumberland crap and she gets the chance to avenge her father. Let’s hope she doesn’t, I don’t want a second season with Rayna and Tandy fighting about “what is best for their father”. She can bring down Teddy for all I care, though.

Before we start talking about the amazing Hayden Panettiere, let’s talk about the not yet famous side of Nashville. Will is going to stick around as the next best thing along side Scarlett, but to give him is personal storyline he is going to be the ladies man to hide the fact that he is gay. I’m not really feeling this storyline just yet, but hopefully the writers won’t make his coming out story boring. Scarlett is hanging out with Avery again, which means doing duets in Scarlett’s world. Although they looked cute together I’m not sure if they are right for each other anymore. Avery really stepped up as a person and became one of Juliette’s friends in the process (which is kind of a miracle because Juliette doesn’t do friends). I personally would like to see that friendship explored more in the second season. Maybe there is even a possibility for a relationship between Avery and Juliette. It might be nice not see Juliette jump on every guy who walks in the door for once too. What ever is going on between Avery and Scarlett, her relationship with Gunnar is a mess. Clearly hooking up after his brother died wasn’t their smartest move, but I still think this couple has potential to become something real. Unfortunately Gunnar gets spooked by Avery and decided to propose to Scarlett. This is such a premature move. I don’t think Scarlett will say no to Gunnar and break them up for real, because she certainly has feelings for him. But I hope she talks some sense into him and make it the longest engagement ever (which is the closest thing to keep dating and saying no).

Juliette stole everyone’s thunder this episode. Wow, Hayden Panettiere did such a great job (again). She took us by the hand going through all the different stages of grieve her character experienced because of Jolene’s actions. It’s so hard to pick a favorite scene. I’m glad she decided to leave the CMA’s and visit her mother at the memorial home. This conversation was so touching and also explained Juliette’s difficult relationship with her mother a bit further, because basically Juliette always had to act like the grown up instead of being the child she was. Some might think it was a cliche to let Juliette talk about having no one, because it is always lonely at the top. But I appreciated and I hope Juliette’s journey for season two will focus on her realizing she might not be as lonely as she think she is. Glenn showing up and comforting her was a great first step. Juliette and Rayna also grew a little bit closer at the cemetery. I loved their conversation together and I hope the ladies have left their cat fighting days behind them. It almost seemed like Rayna was Juliette’s mentor for just a second. Juliette singing her heart out at the Bluebird was amazing. I guess a lot of viewers got a bit teary eyed because of it. The song Nothing In This World Will Ever Break My Heart Again and the montage gave me goosebumps at least. Keep up the good work in season two, please! – 9,5

This week’s favorite quote
Juliette: “Maybe I could sing to you. You used to like that, when I’d sing you to sleep. That’s what mamas do for their little babies. But it was always the other way around with us, huh? How could you leave me? Now I have no one. No one at all.”
Scarlett: “I don’t know. I don’t know what I want. I’m not even sure what we had.”
Rayna: “I’d say that the fact that you can’t remember is exactly how it’s possible.”
Juliette: “Yeah, you don’t know what it was like to grow up with a mom like that. I grew up in the dirt. Everything was filthy. And now I get to put her back in the dirt. I just lived my life knowing that this day was gonna come. Dreading it. Wanting it. Hating myself for wanting it. I guess I just always thought that if I was good enough that she would be all right. And I tried to be good. But I was always gonna fail. I was never gonna be good enough.”


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