Twisted 1×02: Not big on change

Twisted 1x02: Grief Is a Five-Letter Word

Twisted 1×02: Grief Is a Five-Letter Word

Twisted 1×02: Grief Is a Five-Letter Word
The ATC Team is back from our holiday and we noticed that the views for our first Twisted post went through the roof. So clearly you are all obsessing over Twisted! I was so glad I could finally see the second episode after the sneak peek a few months ago. Although the second episode wasn’t as great as the pilot (which show ever delivered an even more awesome second episode?) it was still very decent and entertaining. We definitely got some more backstory to work with and clearly the parents have some unresolved issues too.

What went down on this episode? Jo and Rico decide to help Danny prove his innocence when it comes to Regina’s murder, but her parents aren’t thrilled that they are hanging out. To break the ice Jo and Danny decide to have one big family dinner, which turns out to be a disaster. In the meantime Lacey and her friends are grieving, but it seems like Lacey has problems to keep in touch with her friends and seeing people grief who barely knew Regina isn’t helping either. So she hides away in her, Danny and Jo’s former fort.

+ Lacey calling out all of Regina’s fake friends. You go girl! I also loved the heart to heart she had with Phoebe in the hallway by the way.
+ Rico is funny! Great to have a character around with some humor. Every show needs a light note from time to time.
+ More parent breakdowns! Or at least when they are useful to the plot. What I’m trying to say: thankfully Twisted knows how to bring the parents into the mix and doesn’t turn them into plot devices or a couple of awful props (a.k.a. let a parent walk through the screen because not every television teenager can be abandoned by his or her parents – I’m talking to you TVD).
+ I’m glad Jo and Danny are friends again. I hope Lacey will forget about her queen bee status soon and joins them. Or at least become friends with Phoebe, because Sarita is super obnoxious.
– What the hell happened with Jo’s hair during the episode? The messy hair looks much better and fits her character much more. Don’t you ever do that again, make-up department!
– Yikes, Karen Desai dating the principal. That was super creepy, but she clearly wasn’t into it so I’m guessing she only did it to make sure her son was allowed to go back to Green Grove High.

Although we got a lot of backstory this week, I had the feeling the writers need to drop a bomb to keep things more interesting. For instance Archie finding out about Lacey staying over at Danny’s or some answers about the necklace or Danny’s motive for killing his aunt. But maybe that’s going to happen next week! – 7,5

Twisted theories
With all these murders we had to make a separate section to discuss some theories. We would also love to read your thoughts on this topic in the comments below!

On Danny killing his aunt – I think we have another “Perks of Being a Wallflower” on our hands. I’m quite sure Danny has been mentally abused at least by his aunt and/or family. He might have been physically abused too. That would be something you want to protect your best friends from, right?! Plus it would explain the bad mother stuff  the parents talked about during the episode. Another option is that he saw his aunt planning something against a loved one and he tried to stop her by killing. Although this theory is a little bit more difficult to defend, because the kids and his aunt were the only present at the time of the murder, but I think it is still a possibility. His father’s death seems kind of fishy too in my opinion. Maybe his mother and his father decide to fake his death so Karen and Danny could live of his life insurance? I’m betting that this will be the mystery of season two (when the show gets one of course).

Regina’s death – Although the show didn’t bring up any real suspects besides Danny, I don’t think that he did it. Worst case scenario, he saw what happened, but who would believe the psycho killer?! I do think he went back to her house and stole her necklace, maybe of her dead body (which is actually kind of disturbing) or when she was still alive. The two persons acting fishy so far are Archie and Sarita. Clearly Sarita hated Regina, because Regina was very obnoxious but I don’t expect Sarita to be the killer. My best guess is Archie. He has been really affected by Regina’s death. A little too much for your girlfriend’s best friend… That’s why I’m thinking that Archie was dating Regina on the side. I guess the star of the soccer team and boyfriend of the queen bee can get bored some time and Regina fits the slutty profile. His motive: he got jealous when Regina went after Danny and accidentally killed her during a fight.

Twisted 1×02 quotes
Archie: “Don’t worry, Jo. Your killer boy-toy here will get conjugal visits once he’s back in prison.” Danny: “And when you get there, maybe we can be roomies. I call top bunk.”
Danny: “I don’t want to mess things up for, you know, you and that guy.” Lacey: “His name’s Archie.” Danny: “I know.”
Jo: “I couldn’t help you five years ago, but I can now.”
Danny: “They left their daughter behind with a psychopathic murderer? That’s very irresponsible.”
Jo: “Try not to kill me, okay. It’ll make me look really bad in front of my parents.”
Lacey: “But you know Jo. It takes a lot for her to give up on something.”


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