Teen Wolf 3×03: Werewolf hunting 101

Teen Wolf 3x03: Fireflies

Teen Wolf 3×03: Fireflies

Teen Wolf 3×03: Fireflies
Welcome to our official Teen Wolf catch-up-athon! You might notice that we are a little behind on our Teen Wolf reviews (just a little bit right?!), but that doesn’t mean we forgot the previous amazing episodes. So let’s talk about Fireflies! Cora and Boyd are on the loose in Beacon Hills, while the rest of the werewolves (minus Peter) tries to catch them with some help from our favorite retired werewolf hunter Argent. Allison is flying solo these days, after she found out that her mother death has something to do with her trying to kill her werewolf (ex-)boyfriend. Lydia is back to finding random dead bodies, while Stiles is investigating these threefold deaths. Turns out they are sacrifices.. dum the dum dum (okay that should have sounded like some scary cliffhanger sound).

+ The previous episode ended with Lydia screaming her lungs out. Apparently the girl as some crazy nightmares again. But that is not what I loved about it. The best part was Lydia emphasizing the word “lunatic” while looking at the full moon. Luna means moon in Latin. Werewolves turn during a full moon and go crazy… okay I will step away from any theories about the origin of the word lunatic. But great job writers!
+ Allison is kicking ass flying solo. She is such a little Katniss Everdeen when she walks around with her bow. I like how she is taking control over her grief and the werewolf craziness around her. Okay, maybe she is a bit menacing, but I like it.
+ Some amazing shots and scenes again this week. Loved it when the guys walked through the woods and looked all boyband like. Also the bug scene was a nightmare come true for me. Yikes, disgusting but a perfect fit for this show.
+ The scene between Scott and Mr. Argent were adorable. The gun pointing, their conversation, the way Scott convinced Mr. Argent to help them. Just loved it.
+ More Peter Hale speeches please. I’m glad he shed some light on the Alpha situation and them trying to trick Derek in killing his own.
+ Did I spot some longing looks between Isaac and Allison? Isaac is really starting to grow on me and we all know Allison has a type (werewolf). It’s a new ship in the making!
+ Stiles in detective mode has been a good choice so far.
+/- Stupid, stupid teacher. Haven’t you heard Beacon Hills is a crazy town at night? You should sit at home and lock your doors and windows. Also what a knight in shining armor moment with Derek. They are going to hook up for sure. I’m happy for Derek, he needs a love interest.
– Erica’s death has been confirmed in a very small flashback. Boohoooo! Rest in peace, my favorite female werewolf.
– While the werewolf class was awesome, why weren’t Derek, Isaac and Scott distracted by the awful noise which they used to catch Cora and Boyd? Just because they weren’t in their werewolf form they were able to keep their head in the game? I think that is a lame excuse.
– Wait Cora and Boyd were super werewolf monsters after sitting in a vault for several months, why didn’t they kill somebody?! Extras are getting expensive I guess.

The sacrifices storyline looks promising for this season. I’m curious who is doing the actual killing. – 7,5/8

Teen Wolf 3×03 quotes
Stiles: “You called the police before you called me?” Lydia: “I’m supposed to call you first when I find a dead body?” Stiles: “Yes!”
Isaac: “Does anyone else want to rethink the plan where we just, uh, kill ’em?”
Derek: “Cora’s alive.” Peter: “I heard. Let’s throw the reunion party when she’s not an unstoppable killing machine.”
Stiles: “Maybe my face just has, like, a naturally interrogatory expression.” Lydia: “Well, your interrogatory expression is getting on my nerves.”
Peter: “Let Scott deal with it. Let him be the hero of his morally black and white world. The real survivors, you and I, we live in shades of gray.”
Scott’s mom: “Over here. And if you tell anyone that I showed you this, I swear to God, I will kill you painfully and slowly.”


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