Suits 3×01: Uni-balls and loyalty

Suits 3x01: The Arrangement

Suits 3×01: The Arrangement

Suits 3×01: The Arrangement
It’s time to put on your suit and tie, dear readers, because Suits is back! We pick up a few days after the infamous merger of the very confusing season two finale. Pearson Hardman has become Pearson Darby, with a 49/51 share, which really is 49/51 and not 50/50 (Jessica’s first mistake). Harvey hates everyone because of the merger and Louis continues his battle with British Louis. Mike gets an office, which makes Rachel angry. So he decides to spill his whole life story to win her over (which totally works by the way). Donna saves the day by being Donna. But in the end everyone (including me) hates the merger!

+ Mike and Rachel are together, sort of. At least it wasn’t a one time thing. But lose the whiney attitude girl, it’s not attractive (and it’s going to cost you Mike if you aren’t careful).
+ When everything else fails, we always have Donna! Thank you for just being there to make fun of Louis and to give Mike a wake-up call.
+ Louis wise words. Who would have thought Louis can be a decent guy?! I really liked his Batman needs Robin speech, which convinced Mike to win back Harvey instead of quitting his job.
+ Mike being nice to IT guy, after blackmailing him at first. Mike needs more friends at Pearson Darby.
+/- Scottie was sent back to London by Harvey, after saving her job. I’m glad the writers didn’t go there, because the only woman Harvey has been serious about is Zoe. She was actually a good influence on Harvey. Scottie only brings out the womanizer in Harvey which made him more selfish so far in my opinion.
– I don’t like that Mike and Harvey are fighting. Please let them make up soon, because I miss their bromance.
– Wrong plan, Harvey! Please don’t do that to your friendship with Jessica. It’s still there (somewhere). Seriously, Harvey trying to become managing partner and get her kicked out of the company is the worst thing (read: storyline) that could happen. Harvey can be so full of himself sometimes, ugh. I really hope Jessica beats him at his own game.
– Jessica seems so powerless, I don’t like that. I would rather see the “you better win this goddamn case” Jessica than a Jessica who is overruled by a couple of ignorant and selfish men.
– Louis and British Louis storyline has lost it’s touch for me personally. Also Louis losing his associates is even worse than Harvey going after a managing partner position. Okay I’m exaggerating, almost as worse than Harvey’s plans.

I have some mixed feelings about this episode. Clearly there was a lot to resolve after the season two finale, but this wasn’t my favorite episode (by far). Even the case Harvey is working on was a bit boring. There were some interesting lines, though. – 6,5/7

Suits 3×01 quotes
Harvey: “So unless you’re looking to cook me breakfast tomorrow, I’d say we’re done.”
Donna: “Please stop saying uni-ball.” Louis: “No, I will not.”
Harvey: “Loyalty is a two-way street, and you ran me off the road.”
Darby: “My dear fellow, if I have to do work, then I’m not doing my job.”
Louis: “Harvey is not Superman anymore. He’s Batman. And Batman needs Robin.”


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