Teen Wolf 3×05: Threading the needle

Teen Wolf 3x05: Frayed

Teen Wolf 3×05: Frayed

Teen Wolf 3×05: Frayed
What an episode! This show is truly on a roll. The previous episode was already amazing, but this one was on a whole other level. I dare to say the best Teen Wolf episode yet. The gang is going to an away game, while we see several flashbacks of a massive fight between our faves and the Alphas. Derek is supposedly dead, Scott isn’t healing and Allison is keeping an eye on Scott and her BFF Lydia, because of her terrible taste in boyfriends. Stiles is freaking out about Scott, also brings the comic relief for this week and tries to make sense of the sacrifices situation – he is such a busy bee. Plus more Mrs. Argent and even a little screen time for Isaac and Peter Hale, yay! I wasn’t lying when I told you it was a really great episode, right?!

+ Mrs. Argent lecturing Allison while she tried to thread the needle to save Scott. This woman gives me goosebumps. Also loved Allison’s performance in general this episode, but mostly this scene.
+ Applause for smart Lydia. This girl should be included more. She and Stiles make a great detective team, with all the theory discussions they have going on lately.
+ Allison telling her dad, she won’t be taking the high road when it comes to her werewolf friends fighting with the Alphas. You go girl!
+ The sets look fantastic this year. Making Beacon Hills a bit more city like than small town (which was the city’s vibe in the previous seasons to be honest), opened a lot of doors for interesting sets. The abandoned mall with the different levels made the fight look even more intense.
+ Scott’s influence on Isaac amazes me every time. Maybe Scott didn’t give Isaac the bite, but Isaac’s loyalty to Scott almost says otherwise. Although his anger probably had something to do with Derek being dead.
+ I really liked the short flashback of Dr. Deaton and Scott, where he told Scott to lead the others.
+ The coach always makes me laugh. Never kill this guy off, writers.
+ Same goes for Stiles being completely neurotic this episode. Loved it. Especially the part he was texting with Danny.
+ Peter didn’t seem like a big bad wolf this episode. I liked that he teamed up with Cora to find out where Derek’s body went.
+/- The flashback of Allison and Scott in her bedroom was adorable. There was so much tension between them, but when they started showing off their skills it became a bit awkward. Has too much happened between them that there isn’t a future anymore for this couple?
– The Hales plan to go after the Alphas sound stupid. No wonder they got almost killed. They should have tried Scott’s approach.
– Deucalion killing Ennis was disgusting. I still don’t understand what part the Deatons play in all this wolf business, but they know a lot.
– Derek dying would be one of the worst things that can happen on Teen Wolf. I had trouble believing he was dead, but the flashbacks about the fight kept on getting worse. Luckily Derek showed up (crawling around seems more fitting) in the final seconds of the episode. Now he needs only to survive his injuries, but his girlfriend is around to save him. Just kidding, what can a normal human being do when a injured werewolf shows up?!

I really look forward to the next episode. This one was awesome. – 9

Teen Wolf 3×05 quotes
Scott: “There’s safety in numbers.” Stiles: “Yeah, well, there’s also death in numbers, okay? It’s called a massacre or bloodbath, carnage, slaughter, butchery.”
Allison: “I’m getting way too close, aren’t I?” Lydia: “That depends. Are you just following the bus, or are you planning on mounting it at some point?” Allison: “Yeah, I should back off.” Lydia: “Well, that also depends. Oh, do you mean the bus or the ex-boyfriend you’re currently stalking?”
Scott: “I’m not telling you this because I don’t think you couldn’t easily kick my ass if you wanted to. I’m telling this because they scare the hell out of me. And they should scare you too.”
Scott: “Why is the default plan always murder? Just once, can someone try to come up with something that doesn’t involve killing everyone?” Peter Hale: “You never get tired of being so blandly moral, do you? Not that I disagree with him.”
Lydia: “So is that whole ‘not let them out of your sight’ thing literal or more like a general rule?”
Lydia (to Aiden about his hands on her waist): “What am I, a nun? Put them somewhere useful.”
Peter Hale: “It’s just me, your Uncle, Uncle Peter.” Cora: “Uncle Peter who killed sister Laura.” Peter Hale: “Mm, not my finest hour, no. But I’m hardly the only dysfunctional family member. Did Derek mention that he killed me too? Slashed my throat, ear to ear.”
Peter Hale: “I’m not particularly fond of things unaccounted.”
Stiles (about Lydia and Allison): “They’re not. They’ve been following us for hours. Pathetic.”
Stiles (talking about what’s wrong with Scott): “Do I have a PhD in lycanthropy? How am I supposed to know that?”


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