Twisted theories season 1: The death of Regina Crane

Lacey, Danny and Jo confronted with their past

Lacey, Danny and Jo confronted with their past

After quite an entertaining first season of Twisted, it’s time to reflect and talk theories before the season finale airs tonight!

It all started with Danny Desai returning from juvie for killing his aunt. Of course this is the first murder mystery, because Danny refuses to share his motive with his former besties Jo and Lacey. When Lacey’s new BFF Regina is murdered in the pilot everyone suspects Danny. Jo sticks up for him and decides to prove his innocence.

Of course it’s a teen soap, so everyone falls for everyone. Jo has feelings for Danny (the Masterson girls really like their Desai boys! Turns out her mom dated Vikram – D’s dad -back in the day), but Lacey – who you don’t exactly root for at the beginning of the season – beats her to punch and kisses Danny at Fall Fest when she discovered an envelope with money in Regina’s mail. Poor Jo, but there are other fish in the sea! Her best friend Rico is interested in her and Phoebe’s brother Tyler Lewis takes her out on a date. Unfortunately for Jo he is kind of an ass. He pulls several pranks (using Danny masks and wigs – which is just a little bit too PLL for my taste) while making a documentary about Danny’s return to Green Grove.

You actually start to root for Lacey when her bitchy friend Sarita demands she chooses between her Queen Bee friends and Jo & Danny. Auch. Plus her absent father (you might know the actor as the gay chef on Privileged) turned out to be gay on this show as well! The latest scandal (poisoning of a peer) got Danny kicked out of school. And lets not even start about Karen trying to take the blame for Regina’s death and a shifty looking mayor. The roadtrip to unknown apartment in Connecticut – which turns out to be in Danny’s deceased dad’s name – was probably one of my favorite episodes. Plus a special shout-out for Rico. The guy is a great addition to show, especially when it comes to the comic relief. But time for some theories.

Twisted Theories
Did Danny kill Regina Crane? I actually think he is getting set up. (Still I really need to know why he killed his aunt…) I checked the pilot again, but he has the necklace in his room after being in school all day, so I give him the benefit of the doubt with the “found it in my locker” story. Plus what would this show be without it’s leading man?

The setting up part is arranged by the strange organization called Marna Inc. It pops-up everywhere! The mayor is somehow connected to this organization, because otherwise he wouldn’t bring on a detective from a private firm who immediately asks about proof that Danny did it. I also suspect them of having something to do with the disappearance of Vikram Desai. Probably just to cash in on his life insurance. But I get more certain every episode that he’s still alive somewhere. When they haven’t shown a dead body on your tv, there is always a possibility! – tv studies 101.

I wonder if they are going to bring a new character in the mix to blame Regina’s death on. But I hope Twisted avoids big conspiracy theories with secret societies (we all saw how Prison Break and Revenge turned out…). It doesn’t mean Regina wasn’t in trouble, because she probably slept with Vikram and knew he wasn’t dead (so that’s what the money was for). But to be honest she was a bit of a slut. So if they are going to point a finger at someone, I think it’s going to be Archie. The video she made of him was more than just helping out your best friend’s boyfriend… he might have been seeing a coach the night she died, but what if he came back and went to her house for a booty call and got jealous because she was chasing after Danny? Regina’s death might have been just a simple accident – a lovers quarrel. I’m also betting that he is behind the whole poisoning incident, he was so smug after his speech at the hearing.

I’m dying to get some answers (pun intended)! You too? Let me know in the comments who your number one suspect is in the Regina Crane murder case.


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