Teen Wolf 3×09: The wailing woman

Teen Wolf 3x09: The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Teen Wolf 3×09: The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Teen Wolf 3×09: The Girl Who Knew Too Much
The Darach showed it’s face for the first time and we finally know what Lydia is! After the previous episode, which was kind of slow but provided us with some new information, Teen Wolf picked up the pace in an outstanding way. Allison found a sidekick in Isaac to investigate her father, because she thinks he might be the Darach. Cora picked a fight with one of the twins. Stiles decided to tell his father about the werewolves running around town. Melissa McCall doesn’t believe in patient confidentiality (again), which is actually a good call. There was a nice memorial thing going on at school with an adorable Danny and Ethan moment. Lydia shared a nice moment with Scott, right before she almost got her throat slit. Also Stiles father gets kidnapped by the Darach. Nooooooo! So basically the memorial thing became more of a big horror fest by the end of the episode.

+ The opening of the episode was very strong. A female sheriff checked out some disturbance at the high school, but the only thing she spotted was her own body murdered in the shower. Yikes! Although the visual was brilliant.
+ The gang showing up at school (Stiles, Scott, Lydia and Allison), because Lydia had one of her episodes again and she didn’t want to be the one to discover the body this time. The gang’s little banters are the best.
+ Allison continues her one-woman show this episode. Although she added a sidekick to her team: Isaac. Aren’t they adorable together?! Sometimes it looks like he follows her around like a lost puppy.
+ Talking about cute people: aww Danny and Ethan! Plus loved the moment between Lydia and Scott.
+ About the twins, who would have thought Ethan would be such a good guy? Slowly turning into a fan. But just him, Aiden is still annoying.
+ Ms. Morell is full of riddles, but still I like her.
+ Derek and Ms. Blake’s make-out session in the quad was kind of funny. I don’t know why. Maybe because they beat all the teens at this perfect make-out spot (and Derek didn’t say a word, while she continued to babble).
+ Lydia is a banshee! OMG. I actually had to look it up (they sense death), but wooooow what a great twist! The spoiled rich girl turns into a freak, a maneater and now a banshee, while being a great BFF to Allison. Great job, Teen Wolf writers!
+ The Darach isn’t a he, it’s a she! And it’s the innocent looking teacher Ms. Blake! I DID NOT SEE THAT ONE COMING. Poor Derek. He has an awful taste in women.
+/- Cora was incredibly stupid when she attacked the evil one of the twins (Aiden), but she made a great point afterwards. The gang just finds the dead bodies, instead of actually doing something against it.
+/- It was quite sad to see sheriff Stilinski not believing his son about the werewolves. Why didn’t he ask Melissa McCall about it? Luckily she pushed him in the right direction.
– Cora has trouble healing after her stupid fight with Aiden. Not sure if I’m going to be sad if she gets killed off. Although I will miss Stiles saying “she’s definitely a Hale”.
– The sheriff got kidnapped by the Darach. So not funny! Stiles can’t become an orphan.

Great job by the writers and the actors this episode. This is a mind blowing season. – 9,5

Teen Wolf 3×09 quotes
Stiles: “Lydia, you’re supposed to call us after you find the dead body.” Lydia: “Oh, no, I’m not doing that again. You find the dead body from now on.” Stiles: “How are we supposed to find the dead body? You’re always the one finding the dead body.”
Allison: “I can take care of myself.” Isaac: “Yeah, I’ve noticed. More than once.”
Ms. Blake: “Lydia, I wasn’t aware you had so many hidden talents.” Lydia: “You and every guy I’ve ever dated.”
Stiles: “Okay, first of all, I cannot believe that we’ve gotten to the point where a sentence like ‘what if the Darach was an emissary to the alphas?’ Actually makes sense to me.”
Stiles: “Are you threatening me? You know what I’m gonna do? I’m going to break off an extra large branch of Mountain ash, wrap it in wolfsbane, roll it in mistletoe, and shove it up your freaking…” Scott: “Whoa, Stiles, okay. We get it.”
Isaac: “FYI, if your dad tries to kill me, I’m gonna defend myself.” Allison: “If my dad tries to kill you, you’ll be dead.” Isaac: “Thanks for the vote of confidence.”
Stiles: “Mom would’ve believed me.”
Lydia: “I don’t know why I am the one that keeps finding the bodies, but maybe if I just stopped trying to fight it, I’d find them before it happens, maybe with enough time for someone like you to do something about it.” Scott: “You get me the time, and I’ll do something about it. I swear to God, I will.”
Melissa McCall: “If this is about the murders, you would need a court order for that. Or someone like me that’s willing to bend the rules for a handsome face.”
Ms. Blake to Lydia: “You have no idea what you are, do you? The wailing woman. A banshee, right before my eyes. You’re just like me, Lydia. Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it.”


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