Teen Wolf 3×10: Fearless parents

Teen Wolf 3x10: The Overlooked

Teen Wolf 3×10: The Overlooked

Teen Wolf 3×10: The Overlooked
This episode picks up right where we left off last week. Somehow the hospital is in crisis mode and Cora is the last patient to leave the building. When Ms. Blake/Darach claims she is the only one who can rescue Cora from her mysterious illness, everyone goes to the hospital. When I say everyone I mean everyone: evil Alphas, Scott and Stiles, the Hale family, The Argents and lost puppy Isaac. The only person who’s missing is Lydia this week, but that has something to do with almost getting killed that night. A lot of promises are made and broken, Melissa steps up (and becomes my favorite female character on the show) but the gang realizes to late that “guardians” stands for parents. Cue for Melissa getting kidnapped by our least favorite teacher (did you notice that the writers really hate teachers? They always turn out evil.) Only one parent to go for the next ritual… yikes.

+ Stiles stealing Melissa McCall’s bat, haha! The way she said it (“Why does Stiles have my bat?”) made it even funnier.
+ Melissa McCall was fearless this episode. The way she fought of the twins and talked to Deucalion and Peter Hale… she rocked it!
+ Peter Hale is back! He did a marvelous job this episode. He is so crazy and devious, I’m glad he came back to the show after being killed off.
+ Allison and her dad: teamwork. The Argents really know how to handle their weapons.
+ Peter and Derek Hale looked really proud when they found out that Scott could become a True Alpha.
+/- What the hell is going on with Cora? And why is the Darach the only person who can save her? Plus are the writers shipping Cora and Stiles?! Their scene in the ambulance was way confusing. Great speech by Stiles, though.
+/- The Alphas are back this episode, including Deucalion. I actually enjoyed it that they weren’t around last week. I just don’t get their storyline with seeing Lydia and Danny as a possible threat and going after Scott. It’s so confusing. Seems like the twins don’t agree either on which team they are these days.
– I felt bad for Ms. Blake, because of her backstory (almost getting killed by Kali). But her story about mistletoe symbolizing the overlooked was a bit much. Also I’m not sure if she can be trusted (why need Derek as her bodyguard, when she could handle Kali with one move?). Okay, with her kidnapping Melissa McCall in the end, it’s obvious she can’t be trusted.
– Wrong move Scott, wrong move! Never join team bad guy, remember? Plus you broke Stiles heart. Nobody is allowed to break Stiles heart besides Lydia.

Did this already feel like a midseason finale to you? Great news, there are two more episodes ahead! – 8,5

Teen Wolf 3×10 quotes
Melissa McCall: “You’re supposed to be dead.” Peter Hale: “I get that a lot actually.”
Melissa McCall: “You’re him, aren’t you? Him? The bad guy.”
Stiles: “Are you telling me what to do now? When your psychotic, mass murdering girlfriend… the second one you’ve dated, by the way… has got my dad somewhere, tied up, waiting to be ritually sacrificed?”
Peter Hale: “Our little Scott.”
Stiles: “You know, next time I put my lips to your mouth, you better be awake.”
Stiles: “You just hold on a little longer, okay? Trust me, if anyone’s gonna get us out of this, it’s Scott. Can’t believe I just said that. You know, I actually used to be the one with the plan. Well, or at least a plan B. Now I don’t know. Now I’m thinking maybe you were right. You know, maybe… maybe we are pretty much useless. Maybe all we really do is show up and find the bodies. I don’t want to find my father’s body. You know, you’re a lot easier to talk to when you’re completely unconscious.”
Jennifer to Derek: “But I hope you’re not thinking the most superficial thought. ‘Is that her real face? The slashed, mutilated face revealed by the mistletoe… Is that what she really looks like?'”
Jennifer Blake: “I think I read somewhere that people always pick aliases that are subconsciously derivative of their original name. It’s a way of not completely letting go of your identity, since your name is so tied to your sense of self.”
Scott: “I don’t think he does anything without a reason.” Melissa McCall: “Well, if that means I should continue to be profoundly terrified, then don’t worry about it. I got that covered.”
Mr. Argent: “I don’t even think I know which teacher this is.” Isaac: “She’s the one with the brown hair. She’s kind of hot. No, it’s just an observation.”
Mr. Argent: “Did he look nervous?” Allison: “Terrified.” Isaac: “Yeah, I can still hear you, very, very clearly.”


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