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22 things you can expect this fall season

It’s time to empty your DVR, because fall season is here! Your favorite tv shows will return before you know it (some actually started already). Not sure what fall season will bring this year? Let’s try to break down the basics of successful drama and comedy shows on tv in the year 2013.

Every show needs some drama, so you can expect that the lives of your favorite characters will get messy.

Not every couple will survive.


A reformed bad boy will sweep us off our feet.
Bad boy

Expect romantic gestures.

Followed by hot make-out sessions.

Some couples will get married (or at least try to make it down the aisle).

There might even be a gay marriage!
Gay marriage

The CW continues to cast extremely good looking people.

Of course we aren’t watching the CW shows just to see the male cast members shirtless.

But it doesn’t hurt either…



That’s enough! We think you get the point. (Every network needs a strategy, folks.)
Pretty exhausting

There is always time to dress up for a party, preferably one with a theme (which requires a custome).

You will spot several divas on screen.

Arrows will be flying around.

If you’re not a fan of Robin Hood, you can always look forward to the extreme amount of fangs on your telly.

You can also enjoy lot’s of witty encounters and funny one-liners.

When times get tough, our favorite characters can always count on their friends to be there for them.
Friends donut

Or to make fun of them.
Friends fun

Prepare yourself for some great plot twists.

Some of those twists will be mind blowing.

Yes, this fall season will be that good.

Actually, we are betting it will be great.

We will be talking about it on All That Cubeness! To be specific: Revenge, Downton Abbey, Awkward, Hart of Dixie, The Originals, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Nashville, Sherlock, Arrow, Modern Family, Glee, The Vampire Diaries and Elementary.

Enjoy the ride!


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