5 reasons why you’ll fall in love with Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey season 1
Or at least I did… I finally decided to check the show out, because it was mentioned several times on Suits (episode 2×16). I know, it’s the worst reason ever to start watching a show. But in my defense, I already had given my parents the first two seasons on DVD for Christmas. So I wasn’t completely ignorant of it’s award winning status. Plus Suits kind of spoiled a major plot thingy for me, so let’s say I was punished appropriately.

Back to the “how did I get to know and love Downton Abbey” story… A costume drama set in 1912 doesn’t sound very appealing to a twentysomething, so you can imagine that I wasn’t eager to watch Downton Abbey in the first place. But with all the buzz around the show I decided to give the pilot a try. I was hooked immediately. It took me only six days after that to watch all the episodes which are available at the moment (three seasons of seven or eight episodes and two Christmas specials). I decided to share what has got me hooked on this show, because Downton Abbey isn’t your usual run of the mill costume drama. What better day to share this with you, then the day of the season 4 premiere in the UK?!

Curious what all the fuss is about? Here a 5 things you will love about Downton Abbey.

1. There are two storylines: upstairs and downstairs. Well it’s actually three when you count the middle class, but that is just semantics. The upstairs drama is all about who will be the heir of Downton and who should Mary (the eldest daughter) marry to become the next Countess of Grantham. Don’t think there isn’t any screen time left for the staff downstairs. They have lot’s of drama of their own. New people getting the best jobs, health problems and romance (which has some influence on the people living upstairs).
2. Romance. It wouldn’t be a real drama if you wouldn’t have a few couples to root for. The writers really know how to keep all the relationships interesting (read: nerve-wracking and heartbreaking).
3. Two bad guys you will love to hate (one of them is actually a woman). Thomas does an excellent job at being the bad guy and Ms. O’Brien can be such a bitch sometimes (and does something really horrible!). It gets even better when they turn on each other.
4. Big historic events – and their influence on everyone’s lives – aren’t ignored. Downton Abbey isn’t a magical place where nobody is changed by the War or the Spanish flu which followed. Everyone – upstairs and downstairs – has traumatic experiences because of these big events. That doesn’t mean Downton Abbey isn’t a safe haven in some sort, but I’m glad the writers decided not to make every guy at Downton a war hero.
5. Maggie Smith. Someone should build this woman a statue. She portraits Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham, a typical aristocrat who likes tradition but is also very witty from time to time. Just check out Tumblr for some of her best lines.

Season 4 of Downton Abbey starts on ITV (UK) tonight. You can check out the official invitation with airing details on our Facebook page.

P.S.: When you live in the USA, you’ll have enough time to catch up with the previous three seasons, because the fourth season will air on PBS in January.


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