New Girl 3×01: Love is a puzzle

You know how they say “image speaks louder than words”? That’s often true, but sometimes… so much nonsense! As proof that words can be pretty wonderful too: some of New Girl’s best quotes this week. (Some in pictures, ironically.)

New Girl 3×01: All In

NG_3x01_6 New Girl 3x01: All InNew Girl 3x01: All In NG_3x01_3NG_3x01_4 NG_3x01_5

– Winston: “I’m gonna do yoooouuuu, puzzle. Right on this table.”
– Schmidt: “I just looked down and I thought, this girl must be wearing sneakers with shoelaces, and those shoelaces must be tied together, because this girl is straight trippin’, yo.”
– Schmidt: “Dial Best friend one.”
– Schmidt: “His sweaty, disgusting jollies.”
– Schmidt: “Don’t mess with me, man. I’m legit. I’m legit, dude.”
– Jess: “Nick is my b*tch.”
– Schmidt: “Winston! If you think those shoes are brown, what color do you think you are?”

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