Teen Wolf 3×11: Extreme measures

Teen Wolf 3x11: Alpha Pact

Teen Wolf 3×11: Alpha Pact

Teen Wolf 3×11: Alpha Pact
Three kidnapped parents waiting to be ritually sacrificed, one long lost parent showing up and three kids dying in the final seconds of this episode to locate their kidnapped parents! OMG. Yes, I’m talking about the penultimate episode of season 3A. It started with Stiles punching the sh*t out of Derek, because Scott decided to join the Alpha Pack. After that it was one big rollercoaster with keeping the FBI (a.k.a. Scott’s dad) of their backs, finding the Nemeton where their parents are being kept, Lydia and Stiles making out (!!!) and Scott hanging out with the Alphas who are going after their emissary Ms. Morell.

+ Great opening! Human Stiles punching werewolf Derek was a great way to lighten up the mood.
+ It was great somebody (Isaac) told Derek he has been useless for a while now. He might want to stick by his sister, but hello people are dying!
+ Peter pointing out Isaac shifting allegiance to his new Alpha Scott. We saw that one coming a few episodes back, when Isaac and Allison got stuck in the janitor’s closet.
+ What a sweet moment at Lydia’s. Glad to see that TVD’s Mrs. Lockwood still has her parenting gig on Teen Wolf. Plus did Lydia grow a little as a person in that particular moment? She seemed less superficial at least.
+ OMG Stiles and Lydia kissed! Finally! It was also nice to see some legit fear on this show for once, but wow what a kiss. And Lydia wasn’t hating it, at all. Plus the scene in the guidance counselor’s office was kind of awesome too.
+ It’s was Lydia’s episode, kind of. Her run in with Peter Hale was hilarious (you, me, you, me).
+ Hearing Dr. Deaton, Scott and Stiles discussing their sacrifice and seeing them go through with it: goosebumps.
+ Loved the scene between the kidnapped parents. It was nice to see them connect on the “believer level”, which their kids have been doing for so long now. Also how sad was the sheriff’s story about losing his wife.
+ I’m glad the writers aren’t doing the usual “you stole my girl” stuff, when it comes to the Isaac-Allison-Scott love triangle. It wouldn’t have been such a cliche.
+/- Of course it was time for Scott’s dad to show up and of course he loves his career more than the family he had. Ugh hate him already.
+/- I totally forgot about Scott joining the Alpha pack until he finally appeared on screen. Oops. This only shows how compelling this show can be even if it’s most important character doesn’t have much screen time.
– Mr. Argent sacrificing himself to save the other parents looked like a smart move, but was actually kind of stupid, because the Darach knew of his hunter business.
– Why do I have a wrong feeling about Derek losing his Alpha status to safe his sister and Peter looking kind of happy about it?!
– Did Ms. Morell just die?! No!! We never saw a body, but that wound didn’t look so great. I really hope she sticks around. Bianca Lawson is a great actress and Beacon Hills need some teachers, right?!

GASP! Will everyone survive?! This episode was fantastic. How is the finale ever going to top this? – 9,5

Teen Wolf 3×11 quotes
Isaac to Peter about the Argents: “Not to bring up uncomfortable memories, but wasn’t the last time you saw them the time you killed Kate and then they burned you alive, hmm?”
Scott’s dad/FBI agent: “A Stilinski at the center of this whole mess. What a shocker. Think you can answer some questions without the usual level of sarcasm?” Stiles: “If you ask the questions without the usual level of stupid.”
Peter Hale: “I wouldn’t take it personally. Anger is just a tool. He’s using it to excuse shifting allegiance from one Alpha to another. From you to Scott.” Derek: “Scott’s not an Alpha yet.” Peter Hale: “But he’s on his way, isn’t he?”
Stiles: “Whoa. I thought you guys were retired.” Mr. Argent: “Retired, yes. Defenseless, no.”
Dr. Deaton: “Essentially, you, Allison, and Stiles need to be surrogate sacrifices for your parents.” Scott: “We die for them?” Stiles: “But he can bring us back. You can… you can bring us back, right?” Dr. Deaton: “You remember the part where I said it was dangerous? If it goes right, the three of you will be dead for a few seconds, but there’s something else you need to think about. This is a dangerous thing for more reasons than one. You’ll be giving power back to the Nemeton, a place that hasn’t had power for a long time. This kind of power is like a magnet. It attracts the supernatural, the kind of things that a family like the Argents can fill the pages of a bestiary with. It will draw them here, like a beacon.” Stiles: “Doesn’t sound any worse than anything we’ve already seen.” Dr. Deaton: “You’d be surprised at what you have yet to see.” Scott: “Is that it?” Dr. Deaton: “No. It’ll also have an effect on the three of you. You won’t be able to see it, but you’ll feel it every day for the rest of your lives. It’ll be a kind of a darkness around your heart and permanent, like a scar.” Scott: “Like a tattoo.”


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