The Mindy Project 2×01: Mindy is back (from Haiti)

That awkward moment when…
your boyfriend asks you to marry him and you CAN’T VINE IT.
The Mindy Project 2x01: All My Problems Solved Forever

The Mindy Project 2×01: All My Problems Solved Forever
In The Mindy Project’s return we see short-haired Mindy doing charity work in Haiti with her cute minister-boyfriend. They live together, work together, he proposes to her during Haitian sunrise. You know, all fun and games. It takes some severe pain and therefore needed gallbladder surgery to rush Mindy back to the city she once loved so much (Yes, New York) and for me to (re-)realize the following things after that:
– That – and I’m mucho sorry Casey but – Danny and Mindy need to happen ASAP.
– That I missed Morgan, so so bad.
– That I’d like to thank Mindy Lahiri for hiring James Franco as Dr. Leotard. He’s hilarious. Oh and super hot you say? I totally did not notice that.

Furthermore, Jeremy has been stress eating, Danny and Christina are in sex therapy (and later in the episode… not anymore) and Mindy and Casey decide to have a small wedding before they go back to Haiti. But if that’s really how it’s going to happen… I’ll leave the guessing up to you.

All summed up it’s save to say that I’m glad The Mindy Project is back. Really glad indeed.

The Mindy Project 2×01 quotes
– Mindy: “Haiti’s not that different from New York City, except not as many people scream at you, and it smells much better.”
– Mindy: “Are you kidding? I wanna vine this…!”
– Tamra: “What’s her name again? I wanna say glob.” Danny: “You mean Mindy?”
– Mindy: “I really thought that I changed, but I didn’t. I just got good at pretending to like things that I don’t like.”

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