Faves and Flaws: Schmidty is back!

We mentioned several times that we watch a crazy amount of shows every week. Unfortunately there is just not enough time to review every single one of them. Boo! (Work is to blame for that and we like to spend some time with our friends and family too.) But since we don’t want to ignore the fabulous stuff happening on these shows either, we came up with Faves and flaws. A weekly post where we (C+M) share our favorite and least favorite ‘somethings’ from past week’s episodes. Here we go.

ATC’s Hall of Faves
In sports you get an MVP award, on All That Cubeness you get a place in our Hall of Faves. The “hall” where we like to showcase all the big and small things that we found pleasing to the eye. And we mean pleasing to the eye as a figure of speech, cause there’s more to the world than shirtless actors. (Yes there really is, we were suprised too.) 

Aww, New Girl‘s Schmidt needs his best friend by his side
New Girl S03E01 Schmidt
Only one of my fall shows aired last week (and the midseason finale of Suits doesn’t really deserve extra love after the mediocre season), so it’s going to be an easy pick the first time. My first MVP award goes to Schmidt (New Girl), duh! What was not to love uhm… laugh about his horrible break-ups (which weren’t really break-ups)? He is clearly conflicted by the whole situation with Elizabeth & Cece and he needs his best friend (Tinfinity!) for some advice. That’s just adorable and sweet, because Schmidt isn’t fond of showing his soft side (great character development!). Plus Max Greenfield/Schmidt is extremely funny: “Dial Best friend one.” – M

More of Morgan in The Mindy ProjectS02E01 Morgan
And to think that Morgan (The Mindy Project) started off as this vague, even somewhat annoying supporting character in the pilot. I love how the first season has given Ike Barinholtz more and more opportunity to show off his amazing comedic timing. Morgan has now grown to be one of my favorite characters and succeeds in making me laugh every week. Curious to see more of Morgan.  – C

ATC’s Hall of Flaws
Unfortunately, not everything is praiseworthy. And yes, flaws make perfection, that’s true. And yes, we often love our shows for both the good and the bad. But some things just need some work, big time! Below are some of our pointers for the writers to get everything back on track. We’d love to hear if you agree or disagree, so feel free to leave a comment.

Weirdo Winston (New Girl) is on the loose
New Girl S03E01 Winston
I’m a bit worried about Winston on New Girl. I wish he would get a decent storyline soon, instead of being the weirdo every week. Although Lamorne Morris gives a great performance, I get the feeling he doesn’t get the chance to develop his character like his roommates. Hopefully the return of Coach will give him something to work with. Otherwise it’s time to introduce the “Winston Uselessness Scale”. – M

We get it New Girl, they’re all in (but when are they ACTUALLY all in?!)
New Girl S03E01 Jess and Nick
I’m going to go out on a limb here by confessing that Jess and Nick (New Girl) really bothered me this week. The overuse of “I’m all in” got past the point of funny and both were acting a little too confused and awkward for my taste. We get it, the two needed their share of problems before the start of their relationship. Fine. First it was on, then it was off, than on and off and on again. It’s slowly starting to feel uncomfortable watching the ongoing struggles these two are having. And slowly starting to bug me. I’m actually more curious to see how these two characters would build their relationship on a positive (and also: more mature) note. I mean, just kiss and make adorkable babies already. – C

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