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Weekly round-up: And so we return!

Stills from The Mindy Project, Hart of Dixie, Teen Wolf, Twisted, Suits, Downton Abbey and New Girl

Stills from The Mindy Project, Hart of Dixie, Teen Wolf, Twisted, Suits, Downton Abbey and New Girl

Hey there, how are you on this post-Emmy day? Enjoyed the show? The dresses? The I’d like to thank my mom speeches? While all winners polish their new earned trophies and all losers cuddle up in a dark corner ferociously crying still hold their poker face, we would like to swoop in a minor patriotic applause for The Voice winning one in the reality-competition program category. (For anyone who’s not familiar with the matter: John de Mol is the one who came up with the show’s concept). Don’t mind our proud-dutchie moment, but fair is fair, seeing someone from this tiny country of ours on the Emmy stage is pretty awesome, right? Sigh, if only we could have seen it live. (Yes, that is a subtle rap over the knuckles for you, darn time zones.)

See… so far it’s like we haven’t been gone!

But in all fairness, we kind of were. Gone, we mean. Although Marjola has done her utter best to keep up the ATC fort by updating you on Suits, Teen Wolf and more, the blog has had a “slack summer”. Unfortunately, with nothing much on television, there’s nothing much to write about. Also in all honesty, our busy spring schedules kind of asked for a small summer break. BUT that leaves us with good news now that summer’s over:

We’re back. Back glued to our tv!!

And not only that, we’ll again be posting as a result of that too. You might already have spotted our first few new articles… During summer we’ve done a little blog evaluation (a bloguation if you’d like – yeah try to say that ten times quick) and came up with a few changes. First: star ratings. All shows will be rated with 1 to 5 stars (gold stars… let us have our Rachel Berry moment please) with 5 suggesting you should not be missing out and 1 suggesting you might as well just dust off some old dvd-boxes instead. No more one-to-ten grades for ATC. Beside that we’ll introduce more and more so called ‘picture posts’, wherein we’ll discuss an episode with pictures rather than words. In case the term ‘picture posts’ didn’t give that away already.

We’ll probably refine these ideas as we go. But oh well, a brief indication for now doesn’t hurt.

And now, what the round-up is ACTUALLY intended for…

A list, of all the articles you might have missed! (That rhymes!)

22 things you can expect this fall season
New Girl 3×01: Love is a puzzle
5 reasons why you’ll fall in love with Downton Abbey
The Mindy Project 2×01: Mindy is back (from Haiti)

Summer round-up
Twisted theories season 1: The death of Regina Crane
Teen Wolf 3×06: Your favorite worst nightmare – 9,5
Teen Wolf 3×12: The ultimate sacrifice – 9,5
Teen Wolf 3×11: Extreme measures – 9,5
Teen Wolf 3×09: The wailing woman – 9,5
Teen Wolf 3×05: Threading the needle – 9
Teen Wolf 3×10: Fearless parents – 8,5
Teen Wolf 3×04: Repressed feelings and thoughts – 8/8,5
Teen Wolf 3×07: The butterfly effect – 8
Teen Wolf 3×03: Werewolf hunting 101 – 7,5/8
Teen Wolf 3×02: Cold as ice – 7,5/8
Twisted 1×02: Not big on change – 7,5
Teen Wolf 3×01: Werewolf emergency contacts and alpha troubles – 7,5
Teen Wolf 3×08: The boy with blue eyes – 7
Suits 3×01: Uni-balls and loyalty – 6,5/7

Next week on All That Cubeness
I hope you rested well during summer, cause brace yourselves; you’ll have your share of posts to read again. About the upcoming week… Something tells me you’ll not only read about newbie-shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Trophy Wife, but that you’ll see some familiar shows passing by as well.

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