Modern Family 5×01: YES.

Modern Family 5x01: Suddenly Last Summer
Modern Family 5×01: Suddenly, Last Summer
News flash, summer is over. But what exactly happened during it? Well, Manny went on a trip to Colombia to visit family, Gloria handled that per-fect-ly, Jay made sure Manny wouldn’t miss his flight (so that Manny would visit his familiy and not the other way around), Phil and Claire tried to get their kids (and each other) out of the house and oh yeah, gay marriage became legal in the state of California. (High five!). No surprise Cam and Mitchell secretly start planning their perfect romantic proposal. Seperately. At the same time. Without knowing.

– Phil: “Sometimes I don’t know if I love how much I fear Claire, or fear how much I love her.”
– Mitchell:” …sob like a Tony winner.”
– Phil: “Little heads-up, there’s no way I’m not crying at this wedding.” Claire: “Phil, you cried on the way here.”
– Cam and Mitchell: “Yes.”

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