Nashville 2×01: Don’t take no for an answer

It’s time to leave the past behind, but will they actually succeed at it for once?

Nashville 2x01

Nashville 2×01: I Fall to Pieces
The second season of Nashville picks up two weeks after the car crash, the proposal, the baby bomb, Tandy quitting her job and Jolene’s funeral. Can’t believe I was able to sum up the crazy season one finale in one sentence. Back to the point: Rayna is still in a coma, so we spend a lot of time in the hospital. Scarlett who is saying goodbye at the Bluebird tries to be there for Deacon, who lied about his accident to the police because he isn’t able to live with hurting Rayna and wants to rot in jail for it. Juliette is launching her new album and has trouble dealing with the Rayna situation and losing her own mother. It’s just a typical day in Nashville basically.

+ There isn’t much to say about Rayna being in a coma. I think Teddy is acting like a saint. He maybe even tries to save his marriage? He’s also being an ass trying to influence the judge in Deacon’s case. The flashbacks between the two lovebirds – Rayna and Deacon – were a lot of fun to watch. But did she really not realize that Deacon had alcohol when he proposed? You can actually smell that, right (because wodka isn’t his drink of choice)?! I’m a bit sad she is pushing Deacon completely out of her life, but it would have been weird if she ran right back to him. Even so, I don’t want her to alienate him. Let’s hope the writers think of them as endgame.
+ Some of you might have hated Juliette this episode, because she was kind of selfish. But if you paid attention, she was very troubled by the whole situation and tried to hide her emotions with her usual bitchiness. She is clearly missing her mother and had trouble with the idea of losing her idol too. Luckily Maddie (who did a great job this week) snapped her out of it, by talking to her in the hospital. I’m not sure if Juliette and Maddie being friends is a good idea. But I hope it’s going to bring out Juliette’s soft side more. Also where did her assistent Emily go?! Did she leave the show? That’s a bummer! I totally digged Juliette’s performance of “Rayna’s classic” This Love Ain’t Big Enough.
+ Deacon looked really messed up in jail. I get he tried to be the hero by claiming to have driven the car. But it was a stupid move. Luckily he had a smart lawyer who realized the bruises in Rayna’s report. Deacon looked even more devastated when Scarlett told him, he was like a father to her. I really hope Maddie wants to get to know Deacon on a father-daughter level (also because her “dad” Teddy is an ass). It would be really cool if she wants to change her last name into Claybourne, she already wants to be an artist so why not?!
+ Scarlett said no to Gunnar’s proposal. Thank goodness. They weren’t even dating for one year, getting married would have been way too soon. Plus their relationship was in a pretty bad shape at the time. Although I’m happy they aren’t getting married, I’m sad the broke up. As a couple and as music partners (because of Scarlett’s solo deal). Their duet Why Can’t I Say Goodnight was heartbreaking, as always. I’m really going to miss them singing together.
+ Avery is still hanging around (mostly around Scarlett), but I hope he will connect more with Juliette. I liked his observation about her and him being bold enough to say it to her face.
+ Does everyone’s hair looks a bit less diva? Of course Connie Britton’s hair even looks awesome when Rayna is in a coma, but Scarlett’s hair looked a little more natural and Juliette’s hair looked less over the top and pushed up. We can’t say the same thing about her wardrobe obviously.
– I don’t really care for Teddy’s girlfriend Peggy, but OMG did she just lie about the baby not being dead?! She is such a manipulative bitch. No wonder she almost O.D. because of her pill addiction last season.
– Although Chris Carmack was a bit more fun this week, I’m still not interested in his “I’m gay, but in the closet” storyline to secure his career.
– Another boring subject: Tandy might need to change her statement about her dad and his company, because apparently he orchestrated his late wife’s accident (and somehow it makes Tandy looks bad)?! I don’t understand it. But I don’t care either. But if you like to explain it in the comments, I would really appreciate it.

Nashville 2×01 quotes
Juliette: “My album drops tomorrow. If she’s holding on to number one, you know what that means for me? It’s hard enough to bust out of this tween demo. Now I have to compete with a Saint in a coma.”

Avery: “Can’t take no for an answer, huh?”
Gunnar: “Guessin’ that makes two of us.”

– Of course Scarlett won’t stay single for long, but who should she date: Avery, Gunnar or another guy?
– Juliette and Maddie being besties: good or bad idea?
– Will the show survive without the heartbreaking duets by Scarlett and Gunnar?
– Do you want more flashbacks of the young lovebirds Deacon and Rayna?
– Should Rayna cover Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and send a copy to Deacon?

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