Elementary 2×01: Sherlock is doing that thing in London

Sherlock returns to Baker Street 221b for the season two premiere!

Elementary S02E01

Elementary 2×01: Step Nine
The episode starts off in a sunny New York. Sherlock tracks down a suspect, but Watson actually catches the guy by showing off her self defense skills (Lucy Liu probably still knows her stuff from Charlie’s Angels). After this intro they go across the pond to help out an old colleague of Sherlock: Lestrade. There are a lot familiar names joining the show this season (yay!). When the partners walk into Baker Street 221b – his original sanctum sanctorum – we are introduced to his brother Mycroft, who changed the whole apartment (yikes). The rocky relationship between the two brothers created some very funny moments. Particularly their last scene together which was filled with British humor. The case was quite enjoyable too. Mostly because of the unorthodox way of solving it (contacting Langdale Pike via the security cameras etc.).

Other notes on this episode:
+ What a great job by the music department this episode. I really digged Hello from Oasis when they were driving around London.
+ Rhys Ifans did a nice job on Mycroft Holmes, but somehow I wasn’t able to forget his famous and fabulous performance of Spike in Notting Hill. Yes, he was that guy!
+ Does this show try to make us aware of the Big Brother society we are living in by pointing out all the cameras in London? The 3D printed gun was also a node to a very exciting development, which could become very dangerous if it’s used by someone with ulterior motives.
– I wasn’t really impressed by Lestrade, it was really stupid when he took the credit for Sherlock’s work yet again. But at least his stupidity was a great excuse to get Sherlock to London.

– Do you want to see more of Mycroft on Elementary?
– Were you waiting on a small Notting Hill reference because of Rhys Ifans (a crazy shirt, goggles etc.)?
– How much did you miss Elementary this summer (on a scale from 1 to 10)?

Elementary 2×01 quotes
Sherlock Holmes: “221B is a good deal more than nice, Watson. I spent the best part of ten years transforming it into a virtual womb of creativity. Stepping inside it isn’t unlike stepping inside my very brain. You will no doubt see things that will confuse or even upset you. Odd experiments, texts in dead languages, trophies from old cases.”
Joan Watson: “Does it have a bed? Because the only thing I care about right now is sleeping. Well. The inside of your brain is kind of boring.”

Sherlock Holmes: “He intends to bed you. Retaliation for my misadventures with his fiancé.”
Joan Watson: “Misadventures is not the word that I would use.”
Sherlock Holmes: “You are attracted to Mycroft.”
Joan Watson: “Um, no, I’m not.”
Sherlock Holmes: “Hm. Makes a certain amount of sense. It’s classic transference. You wouldn’t be sleeping with him. Psychologically speaking, you’d be sleeping with me. Oh, you surely thought about it. You can’t go to bed with me. We’re business partners and you’re my former sober companion. But you can sleep with a cheap knockoff version of me, and that is Mycroft.”

Lestrade: “Uh, Miss, no offense, but could you give him a little bit of space, please? Because he’s doing that thing. You know, when he’s on to something, he does that-that thing.”
Joan Watson: “Yes, I know that thing.”

Mycroft Holmes: “I sought a little advice from Joan about how best to communicate with you.”
Sherlock Holmes: “And why on earth would you want to do that?”
Mycroft Holmes: “She said that when one has something to tell you, one must make really, really sure that you’re listening.”

Sherlock Holmes: “I believe I’ve just made a rapprochement with my brother.”
Joan Watson: “Oh, that’s great.”
Sherlock Holmes: “He used a homemade explosive device to destroy what was left of my things.”
Joan Watson: “Ah. Sounds like maybe he’s a little more like you than you thought.”
Sherlock Holmes: “Art in the blood, Watson. It takes the strangest forms.”

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