Glee 5×01: Let it Glee

The music, that’s what makes Glee… Glee! Every week we’ll be headlining our favorite song of the episode.

Glee 5×01: Love, Love, Love
Glee premieres its season with a double-episode tribute to The Beatles. YAY. First episode was this week and… quite entertaining. Now, covering the Beatles is pretty daring cause who sings Beatles songs better than The Beatles anyway?! (Right! No one!). I have a feeling though that Ryan Murphy and his cast had no intention in reenacting the British pop band, but just wanted to incorporate the songs to pay a fun and playful tribute. In which they succeeded, if you ask me. It’s no Beatles, but still a fun way for the Glee generation to learn their wonderful music and that’s never wrong. Plus, I couldn’t help but nodding my head and tapping my feet along, so that says something.

But the best song? I’m gonna go with I Saw Her Standing There. Not only because this is one of my favorite Beatles songs (my family may have had to endure me singing along to this one very loudly) but also because it captured both The Beatles and Glee at its best. It seems like it’s been a lot fun shooting too.

P.S. All You Need is Love makes a good second. Not least because of the adorable choreographed proposal.

ATC’s rating
First things first: Glee without Cory is weird. It’s sad that Finn won’t be a part of group scenes anymore. He should have been there at the proposal as well. Beside that…

Good opener, but Glee can do better. Other than the catchy songs and Blaine’s proposal there wasn’t much to it. Tina’s very short story line (with the four guys) added nothing to the episode. Unless this is to be continued in next episodes, why even bother to put it in? Also, further on we would definitely love a few more of those funny one liners that Glee is so good at. We’ll see what next week’s episode will bring. (At least we know they’ll do more of The Beatles. YAY TWICE.)


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