Modern Family 5×02: Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Modern Family 5x02: First DaysModern Family 5×02: First Days
First days all around! While Claire starts her first day at Jay’s company, Cam has his first class as a substitute teacher and Luke and Manny have their first day in high school. It may not surprise (cause hey, it’s Modern Family) but things don’t go as smooth as planned. Claire is struggling with her reputation of the boss’ daughter (and just want people to like her! so bad!), Cam has to teach history which he knows absolutely nothing about and Phil and Gloria find it hard to see their boys grow up. Luckily they have their new job as commercial extras to take their minds off of it. Mitchell’s boss is flirting with Haley, who is half is age. Oh mid life crises.

– Phil: “Oh eh, speaking of marketing, we’re out of milk.”
– Phil’s new impression: “Hey you can hang your clothes in me. Christopher Walk-in-Closet”
– Cam: “I know one Indian who was friends with a construction worker, biker and traffic cop.”
– Phil: “Hey I see a couple of old people, this isn’t one of those catheter commercials is it? Because if it gets too descriptive I’m gonna start to squirm. Oooh I just did it to myself.”
– Mitchell: “Wow, look a your eyes.” Haley: “I… I can’t.”
– Lily, answering the phone: “Hello, Daddy’s office. (Pause) You sound like a little girl!”– Students: “Wrong president.” Cam: “Just keep pushing!”

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