Revenge 3×01: Back to the original Revengenda

Revenge S03E01
You might have noticed last season that I was really looking forward to Revenge second season, but it failed to deliver (or at least in my opinion). After some changes the show returned a couple of days ago for a brand new season. Hopefully they learned something from the last, right?!

This year we are going to use a simple checklist and to do list based on Emily’s Revengenda. With an occasional comment on the side. We are also going to discuss the big question of season 3A: Who shoots Emily on her wedding day? Enough explaining, time to talk about Revenge 3×01: Fear.

Emily’s Revengenda – Checklist
x Have a hot make-out session with Jack. (and then Jack ruined the moment…)
x Get rid off former BFF Ashley. You won’t be missed, sorry not sorry.
x Plan a wedding date: August 8. (Infinity times infinity!)
x Pick up Nolan from prison.
x Erase the words “Initiative” and “Carrion” from future scripts. (Best idea ever!)
x Get Conrad to step down as Governor by faking a genetic disease.

Emily’s Revengenda – To Do List
– Making Jack fall in love with Ems again and continue with more hot make-out sessions.
– Get Daniel back into poetry (not only to piss off Conrad, but also because Daniel was super cute back then).
– Don’t get shot on my wedding day. She didn’t even defend herself! The girl is getting sloppy.
– Stop Aiden from being stupid (he did love her once, right?).
– Take Charlotte to the hairdresser and tell her to leave the Revenging to Ems. (The baby also evaporated, which is kind of sad because a reminder of Declan would have kept her on track, instead of sucking up to her faux dad.)
– Make-out with Patrick, because Justin Hartley is really cute and it is a fitting move to “destroy” Victoria (but mostly the former).
– Get the women in the Hamptons to wear a bra, like herself and Victoria.
– Work on destroying Victoria (why does she always blame Victoria and not Victoria and Conrad as a couple? Just because she was sleeping with her dad? Ems has got some serious issues…).
– Trying to figure out how to deal with Jack’s ultimatum.
– Don’t tell anymore people that you’re actually Amanda Clarke. We all saw what happened on Arrow when too many people knew Oliver’s secret.
– Discuss Revenge plans and drink wine with Nolan on the beach more often.
– Get rid off Margaux, just because she insulted Emily’s charity work (and because she is way to close with Daniel).

Who is going to shoot Emily on her wedding day?
My best guess is Aiden or Jack for now. Although Aiden might be an easy pick at the moment (a little bit too easy). But a vengeful lover screams motive. I guess it someone she trust/loves (or something) because she didn’t try to stop that person either, she just said “I’m sorry”. Which made me think of Jack, because of his ultimatum (which she is never going to make) and unanswered feelings towards Ems/Amanda (I bet his love was blinded by hate this episode – by being kept out of the loop and his grief – but he is probably going to realize he wants the real Amanda when it’s too late).

Who do you think is going to shoot Emily? Let me know in the comments!

Revenge 3×01 quotes
Emily’s voice-over: “Fear, it’s a fire that burns from birth in even the coldest heart. It motivates and paralyzes the best of us or is used as a weapon by the worst. But when your path is one of treachery and deception, the greatest fear of all is that the truth is absolute.”

Nolan: “Cyber-revenging has brought me nothing but trouble. So for now, I’m done with coding, camming, programming, and hacking. I’m Nolan two point no.”

Emily: “Well, I work for a lot of different charities, making sure people get what they deserve.”

Charlotte: “Well, if you think you’re just gonna enjoy the perks without the misery, you’re wrong.”

Nolan: “So Ashley’s been Daven-deported? Guess that’s what happens when you get two takedowns for the price of one.”

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