The Mindy Project 2×02: Move it, dr. L!

That awkward moment when…
…you return from Haiti sooner than expected and your old office is given away to the replacement doctor (who everybody LOVES, by the way. ugh.) so you ‘re put away in the same room where your colleague dries his bathing suits.

The Mindy Project 2x02: The Other Dr. L.


The Mindy Project 2×02: The Other Dr. L
While Mindy and Casey spicen up their new long distance relationship (whip cream bathing suits and all) a few things happen at the practice. In a nutshell:
– Mindy tries to get her office back, but when she fails she decides to throw in one of her many talents: drinking. When you don’t succeed in demanding, why not win it back with a SHOTS OFF?!
– Mindy wins (HOLLA!) but the other Dr. L. gets very drunk and sleeps with Danny’s ex.
– Danny on the other hand thinks that Dr. L. has slept with Mindy. For a minute.
– Danny also sneaks off occasionally to play basketball with a bunch of weird guys who all got recently single and they call themselves the “getting over it” gang. Yes, winners!
– Jeremy still weirs a cushion under his shirt over eats

The Mindy Project 2×02 quotes
– Mindy: “You like the movie varsity blues, right?” Casey: “I’m an American male between the age of 6 and 93, yeah.”
– Mindy: “Well, I just don’t know who’s watching this, you know. The NSA, that hot Edward Snowden guy. I don’t want this to be on, like, WikiLeaks.”
– The ‘getting over it gang’: “Just because we don’t have wives doesn’t mean we don’t have lives. Single and cool! Single and cool! Single and coooooool!”
– Mindy: “Do you know who else does magic? The clown that molested my cousin, and we’re not all fawning over him, are we?”
– Danny: “What’s going on between you two?” Mindy: “I’m walking him to the army.”
– Mindy: “Ex-squeeze me?”
– Morgan: “I don’t want to get kicked! I don’t want to get kicked!”
– Jeremy: “He’s a godsend… you don’t return gifts from heaven.”
– Mindy, whispering to Kris Humphries: “I love you too.”

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