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Faves and Flaws: It’s Sue, principal Sue

More shows returned last week, which increased the number of fab and less fab things to pick from. It was even a little hard to pick just one fab thing, but we reached our decision. Enjoy our fresh Faves and Flaws!

ATC’s Hall of Faves
In sports you get an MVP award, on All That Cubeness you get a place in our Hall of Faves. The “hall” where we like to showcase all the big and small things that we found pleasing to the eye. And we mean pleasing to the eye as a figure of speech, cause there’s more to the world than shirtless actors. (Yes there really is, we were suprised too.) 

Goosebumps: Michelle Dockery’s performance on Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey S04E01 Lady Mary

It was quite hard to pick one favorite this week. I really enjoyed Modern Family. It’s such a heartwarming and sincere show. But I also can’t stop listening to Nashville’s new songs and I loved the British humor on Elementary (although the show is so very American of course). But Michelle Dockery knocked it out of the park at the beginning of the week. Lady Mary is a difficult character to like on Downton Abbey, but because of her hubby Matthew we got to see her softer side. Unfortunately Matthew is gone and we witnessed his widow going through the five stages of grief last week. She looked so empty and walked around the house like a ghost. But with some help of her brother-in-law Branson and Mr. Carson she found her way back to the land of the living and realized what a strong woman she actually is. In my opinion Lady Mary is the perfect character to portrait the women’s emancipation during the twenties (especially because of her traditional father). – M

New Girl‘s roomies believe they can fly
New Girl S03E02 Nerd

It’s snidbits of scenes like these that I love. The part where Schmidt, Nick and Winston sing to Jess to get her out of bed, really made me laugh. Jess’ reaction even more. The fact that none of them needed an explanation, also. What makes this show so goshdarn charming is the emphasis on friendship. Let’s face it, screaming singing I Believe I Can Fly alongside your bed when you and your hangover would really like to sleep a little more, is something only friends can do. Who didn’t go ‘Awww, I wish I’d have such obnoxious roommates just like Jess’? Show hands? No one? Okay, than at least admit that jammin’ out to R.Kelly never gets old. – C

ATC’s Hall of Flaws
Unfortunately, not everything is praiseworthy. And yes, flaws make perfection, that’s true. And yes, we often love our shows for both the good and the bad. But some things just need some work, big time! Below are some of our pointers for the writers to get everything back on track. We’d love to hear if you agree or disagree, so feel free to leave a comment.

Maneater Edna returns to Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey S04E01 Edna

This was an easy pick. Since O’Brien skipped town Lady Grantham is in need of a lady’s maid. The crew decided to bring back a familiar face instead of hiring a new actress… which means the awful Edna has returned to Downton Abbey. Yikes. The only storyline I hated on the show was one of the female staff members going after a man upstairs. It was just too easy to write that particular storyline and they did it twice. While I really like the actress (MyAnna Buring) who plays Edna, I just hate her storylines. Besides bringing her back, the writers have decided to make her BFFs with Thomas. Can it get any worse?! I hope she stays away from Tom this time. – M

Interim principal Sue in Glee
Glee S05E01 Love Love Love

I know, I know. There are some things in Glee you shouldn’t take too seriously. And really, I don’t. Besides, I LOVE Jane Lynch and what she did/does with her character. But nonetheless I can’t help but mentioning that Sue Sylvester kind of bugged me this week. What I normally find interesting in her is the fact that she’s mean, but still manages to get you like “Yeah Sue, I kind of get why you deliberately tried to destroy the Glee club just now”. Somehow she always steals your heart again. This week, she was jus plain mean and childish. Nothing more. – C

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