Downton Abbey 4×02: Matthew’s letter

Downton Abbey S04E02

Upstairs: Estate issues
Matthew stuff from the office arrived at Downton and apparently he wrote a letter about wanting Mary to be his sole heiress. It might be legal, it might be not and Lord Grantham really hopes it isn’t. Which we could have expected after last week. But it’s nice that The Dowager and Tom Branson are willing to fight for Mary. I really enjoy Tom’s and Mary’s friendship. Luckily for us family lawyer Murray agrees that Matthew’s letter is legal! I can’t wait to see Mary get more involved with the estate. I think she is the perfect character to portrait the changing role of women during the twenties.

Okay it wasn’t a great episode, but there were other enjoyable upstairs moments:
– Rose decided to blow off some steam and go out to dance. Anna accompanied her on her trip, which was a good thing because Rose isn’t the brightest girl when it comes to real life situations. She actually met the most adorable guy: Sam. Of course he is way beneath her in rank, so of course there can’t happen anything. But is still liked the guy. It was super adorable that he showed up in the morning and she had to dress up as a maid to continue the charade for him. They even kissed! Okay, that might be very wrong for a lady, but I like it that she is pushing the boundaries.
– Edith is still happy with her beau and they are slowly moving forward with the marriage plan. Although we all know that is going to be a disaster, but the girl deserves some happiness after being left at the altar.

Downstairs: Edna and Thomas become BFFs…
– Edna becomes friends with Thomas, besides going after Tom Branson this is basically the worst thing she could do. Thomas is using his new friendship to get Anna (and Mr. Bates) in trouble. I hate it, poor Anna who only tried to give some friendly advice. I also hate the fact that the ladies maid of Lady Grantham is turned into a villain yet again. Having Thomas around as the only villain would have been enough in my opinion.
– Griggs left (yay!) and he and Carson made up. It had something to do with a lady they both loved back in the day. I get that the writers want Carson to have some sort of a personal life, but why does it have to be this boring?!
– I really liked the way Mr. Bates helped out Mr. Molesley. I feel so bad for him. Mr. Molesley doesn’t deserve to be forgotten.
– The romance troubles continue, I’m not really intrigued. Does Jimmy really like Ivy? I don’t think so. Does he want to use her as his beard? Maybe. Does Alfred need to get a life? Yes.

– Are you already a fan of Rose (and Sam)?
– How much do you hate Edna for becoming friends with Thomas (on a scale from 1 to 10)?
– Do you think Jimmy should continue to pursue Ivy?
– Did Matthew’s letter make you cry too?

Downton Abbey 4×02 quotes
Matthew’s letter: “My darling Mary, we are off to Duneagle in the morning and I have suddenly realised that I’ve never made a will or anything like one, which seems pretty feeble for a lawyer and you being pregnant makes it even more irresponsible. I’ll do it properly when I get back and tear this up before you ever see it but I’ll feel easier that I’ve recorded on paper that I wish you to be my sole heiress. I cannot know if our baby is a boy or a girl but I do know it will be a baby, if anything happens to me before I’ve drawn up a will and so you must take charge. And now I shall sign this and get off home for dinner with you. What a lovely, lovely thought. Matthew.”

The Dowager, Violet Crawley: “When you talk like that, I’m tempted to ring for Nanny and have you put to bed with no supper.”

Rose: “Say nothing and I’ll be your friend forever.”

Mrs. Patmore: “Nothing’s as changeable as a young man’s heart. Take hope and a warning from that.”

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