Modern Family 5×03: Failed marriages and a funeral

Modern Family S05E03

Modern Family 5×03: Larry’s Wife
Cam and Mitchell are busy planning their wedding. Or at least Cam is, because the couple decided to let him do all the work, because the Andrews broke up fighting over wedding stuff. The only problem is that Cam has a trouble to winnow things down… which makes Mitchell go crazy. In the meantime Larry the cat is missing and Cam doesn’t thing that Lily can handle the truth (that Larry died). He makes up a story about cat weddings, but when Larry shows up he needs to throw a funeral for his wife (with some help from Dylan). Another overdo moment.

At the Pritchetts Gloria is worried about baby Joe’s behavior and decides to call the priest while Jay and Manny go see a movie. Jay likes to express everything he feels and Manny tries to teach him a lesson about restraint, but when someone insults Mary Poppins he gets mad. It was actually kind of funny.

At the Dunphy’s everything and everyone was a bit out of control. The kids played a poker game. Phil was targeting a new group at work: recently divorced moms. Which made him forget about his own family a bit, even when Claire asked him to keep everything under control while she ran an errand for work. It was hilarious when Phil had to admit Claire was right about him not being able to juggle that much women. The episode was a bit messy sometimes in comparison to the two previous episodes, but still very enjoyable.

Modern Family 5×03 quotes
Claire: “Honey, when I met you, you were a wedding DJ. By the way, Spinderfella, looks like you still need to hit the grocery store.”

Gloria: “It’s the curse.”
Jay: “Not that I’d ever want to discourage you from whispering, but that’s not a thing.”

Manny: “So, you got a problem with Poppins, you got a problem with me.”

Claire: “I would kill to have heard ‘Claire, you were right.'”
Phil: “She was right.”
Claire: “Louder.”
Phil: “I do not love this side of you.”

Cam: “Okay, everybody, I’m sorry. This was supposed to be a small service, but I don’t winnow down. I overdo. And if I let a simple fake cat funeral get out of hand, how am I supposed to plan an entire wedding? You’re late. Okay, I need Mitchell.”

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