Nashville 2×02: All that glitters is not gold

Nashville S02E02

Nashville 2×02: Never No More
In season 2 the record label boss (a new one) is still an ass, bubblegum country pop skyrockets in the charts, Juliette Barnes is old news (just like Rayna Jaymes) and the guys continue to brood over their lost loves and sing heartbreaking country songs about it. Gosh, this show is good!

– Juliette visited her old home this week and told her sad life story to get her new single on number one in the charts. Her tween audience has a little trouble with these more mature songs. I actually like them a lot, but that doesn’t count. Luckily Juliette has her friend Avery by her side when times get tough (yay they are friends – totes adorable that scene). Sometimes she seems to underestimate the fact that she is literally selling her soul, when she goes down a personal road just to sell more records. I still don’t get why Hayden didn’t get nominated for the Emmy’s, because beside the serious stuff she is also great at the comedic moments. For instance when a new country pop singer stole her number one position (she did this) and started singing one of her old songs.
– Rayna broke up with Deacon for real. Such a bummer. But she also broke up with Teddy for a second time, because he clearly tried to get his family back together (he pretended not to, but we all know better). This actually bumped out Daphne, but I’m glad Rayna didn’t take the easy road. Rayna really took charge this week. She told her new boss that he was a snake and decided to take her career to a whole new level: by starting an independent record label. She built Edgehill, why won’t she be able to build her own?! The only thing that she didn’t succeed in was getting through to her eldest daughter Maddie. Although I have to say she is being very bitchy and annoying at the moment. I get that the situation is confusing, but does she have to be this harsh all the time?
– While Deacon was being a grumpy old man, not wanting to do rehab for his hand, Scarlett took matters in her own hands. I really like this feisty side of her. It also reminded me a little bit of a younger Rayna, who tried to take care of Deacon. But the difference is that Scarlett actually gets through to him, which is great news basically. It was so sad when he decided to sell his guitars. His collection looks stunning!
– The new record boss was being a big tool. He basically told Juliette to go back to her old sound or get lost and he stole one of Rayna’s artists. I’m actually glad Will choose Edgehill over Rayna’s record label, because I think he is right about being a performer and not the artist/songwriter like some other fellas on the show. I just wished he pointed Rayna in the right direction and with that I mean Gunnar of course.
– I really don’t like Scarlett’s BFF Zoey. She is a bit of a know it all. I get the feeling she is going after Gunnar. Which is a big mistake if she is truly Scarlett’s BFF.

Favorite song this week: Gunnar Scott – Adios Old Friend. Although I didn’t need Scarlett’s BFF narrating the song, because it was obvious it was about his dead brother! But I’m glad Gunnar is getting his life together.

– Does Scarlett remind you of a younger Rayna?
– Should Juliette join Rayna’s new independent label?
– Do you think the new record label boss should learn how to button a shirt?

Nashville 2×02 quotes
Juliette: “Yeah, if your definition of ‘great’ is talking about Rayna the entire time. I mean, am I ever gonna be able to do an interview without having to talk about her? Shut up!”
Avery: “I didn’t… say anything.”
Juliette: “I can hear you thinking from all the way over here.”

Juliette: “You’re in Nashville now, you gotta say y’all.”

Deacon: “The art of this, you get that part, you know? You get it, that part, that’s beautiful. But this business, it can eat you alive.”

Juliette: “Why do you care so much? It’s my heartbreak, not yours.”
Avery: “‘Cause we’re friends.”
Juliette: “Friends.”
Avery: “Yeah. Aren’t we?”

Juliette: “What, you couldn’t get the winner?”

Juliette: “What is she, like 12?”
Jeff: “She’s 19, actually. The tweens love her.”
Avery: “What an ass.”

Bucky: “Don’t walk away from the label you built just because Jeff wounded your pride. That’s the thing that comes before a fall, you know.”
Rayna: “I believe it’s also what comes before a victory.”

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