Elementary 2×02: The mathematical murders

Elementary S02E02
Elementary 2×02: Solve for X
This week focused on two murders in the mathematical circles, the P versus NP equation to be precise. Although this sounds very confusing, I think Elementary handled a more difficult subject quite well. The motive in the end was very basic: jealousy and greed. In the meantime we explored a little bit of Watson’s past. She ran into the manipulative son of the patient who died on her table, which she still feels very guilty about. The son liked to use Watson’s guilt in his own favor, by asking her for money on more then one occasion. Luckily Watson has Sherlock by her side these days and he motivated her to stop this charity. Okay, the used an massive amount of money for it, but I liked that Watson stood up for herself and pushed the son in the right direction (college instead of being owner of a bar). You go girl. It was quite an entertaining episode, but I’ve seen better Elementary episodes in the past.

Elementary 2×02 quotes
Detective Bell about Joan: “Hey, where’s your better half this morning?”
Sherlock Holmes: “One mystery at a time, Detective.”

Joan Watson: “What is up with the nerd brigade?”

Sherlock Holmes: “Watson, conundrum. Conundrum, Watson.”

Sherlock Holmes: “I’m an expert on poisons, Watson. I know virtually everything there is to know about them. But I’ve come to learn over the last few years that there is nothing on this planet quite so toxic as guilt.”

Sherlock Holmes: “Every great thinker has a process, Watson. In Harlan’s case, he doesn’t like anything to come between him and the numbers. I know you can feel quite Victorian about such matters, so I’ve given him a little bell to ring should he feel the need to disrobe entirely. Having said that, I can’t guarantee he won’t sit on the furniture.”

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