Revenge 3×02: Forgetting to forgive

Revenge S03E02

Revenge needs to reform and if the writers want to achieve that, Emily needs to change. And what better way to get everything back on track by getting out David Clarke’s old journals to remind Ems of her father’s wishes? Revenge 3×02: Sin did a small step in the right direction.

Emily’s Revengenda – Checklist
– Made up with Nolan. (I hate it when they fight.)
– Destroyed Father Paul reputation… oops!
– Continue to fake Conrad’s disease.
– Hide the Revenge box for prying eyes (mostly Aiden).

Emily’s Revengenda – To Do List
– Get Father Paul reinstated.
– Check Nolan’s new painting for bugs (I just got a feeling Victoria bugged her own painting to spy on Nolan.)
– Get Conrad to confess to Father Paul about all his sins. (Finally she is focusing on Conrad instead of just focussing on Victoria.)
– Become friends with Patrick. (Wow that went really bad.)
– Watch her back when it comes to her ex-lovers Aiden and Jack. (Jack is a bit lost, but I’m glad he told Charlotte the truth about Conrad, because she needed a reality check.)
– Get rid off Margeaux. (Who do she thinks she is?!)
– Reconnect with her half-sister Charlotte. (She needs some support right now.)

Who is going to shoot Emily on her wedding day?
I’m putting all my money on Aiden at the moment. He really wants to ruin Emily. Share your main suspect in the comments!

Revenge 3×02 quotes
Nolan: “Just check your soul, Emily Thorne, ’cause once you start taking down kittens, I’m out.”

Daniel: “Why do I even care? My parents are rotten human beings who continually disappoint me. And yet I have this innate need to protect them.”
Emily: “Because despite everything, they’re your family. And when someone comes along and threatens that bond, you’ll do anything to defend it.”

Charlotte: “Booze in the morning looks a lot like denial, Dad.”

Jack: “Tell me, when exactly did punishing the guilty become more important to you than helping the innocent?”

Victoria: “Trust is difficult without proof.”

Nolan: “Right. The gospel according to Emily. Sin unto others as you’ve had sinned unto you.”

Emily: “Not even learning names now?”
Nolan: “Less mess. Especially after my P.T.S.D.; Padma, Tyler, sexual damage.”

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