Downton Abbey 4×03: Be careful who you trust

Downton Abbey S04E03

Upstairs: Reliving the old glory days
Cora gives a big house party for some old friends and invited a famous singer to perform, because a house party at Downton needs a special and expensive moment. While most of the guests seem to enjoy the party, Tom has trouble fitting in. Lord Grantham loses a big amount of money playing poker, but luckily for him his future son-in-law Gregson knows how to win from a cheat at poker. He saves Lord Grantham from a massive amount of trouble (the guy really doesn’t know how to handle money) and wins his approval (sortish) at the same time, after being kept at arm’s length the whole weekend. Mary starts to mingle again with a friendly Lord, who she has known since childhood. But when Rose pulls out Matthew’s old gramophone, she is overwhelmed by her grief. Isobel is still grieving too, but The Dowager takes some necessary steps to get her back in the social saddle.

Downstairs: Dark developments
– Mrs. Patmore is taken ill, when her nerves can’t take the pressure of the big house party anymore. Alfred takes over for her in the kitchen. Which was kind of funny development, because I would have thought Daisy would step up, but the young footman who aspires to be a cook was a nice touch with this changing times theme this season.
– Downton takes a dark turn, when Anna gets raped by one of the guests valets. Joan did a great job when it comes to this difficult topic. Her screaming and the aftermath in Mrs. Hughes room gave me shivers. It sucks that she wasn’t able to grab a knife in the kitchen to fight off her attacker.
– Edna, ugh. She is such a manipulative bitch by going after a vunerable Tom.

Downton Abbey 4×03 quotes
The Dowager: “Oh no, if I were to search for logic, I should not look for it among the English upper class.”

Cora: “It’s exciting to think of Nellie Melba singing at Downton.”
Lord Grantham: “I’m not sure about exciting. It’s certainly expensive.”
Cora: “A house party can be so flat if there’s no special moment.”
Lord Grantham: “And it wouldn’t be special enough to watch the sun set by the lake?”

Tom: “I look like a fool. I talk like a fool. I am a fool.”

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