Hart of Dixie 3×01: Bluebell is the real deal

Hart of Dixie S03E01

I’m so happy Hart of Dixie is back. I really missed this quirky town and their weekly town events (which basically always requires a costume). A while back Carina MacKenzie – former Zap2it tv journalist – described Hart of Dixie as a TV snuggie on Twitter and I think she is right. During the first season I didn’t know if I should like the show, but slowly I started fall in love with it. Yes, it can be corny sometimes, but what is wrong with liking corny stuff? Not every show on your telly needs to be about conspiracy theories, bloodsuckers or superhumans. Hart of Dixie embraces the normal stuff and sugarcoats it with some Southern charm.

Hart of Dixie 3×01: Who Says You Can’t Go Home
Five months after Wade’s romantic gesture we find Zoe Hart in New York City (still) and dating some boring dude named Joel. But Bluebell is sneaking up on her: in her dreams and in real life. To get a new fancy apartment she goes back to Bluebell for a recommendation letter from Brick. But saying goodbye via e-mail wasn’t Zoe’s smartest move, so it’s back to season 1 for Zoe. The only one who isn’t resentful about Zoe’s e-mail. In the meantime George is missing, Lavon and Annabeth are still going strong, Tansy is dating the rival town’s lawyer and Lavon’s niece Lynly moved into Zoe’s old space. The big town event this week? Founders day! The parade looked gorgeous.

– Okay I’m actually a fan of Lemon and Wade’s (Lemonade) relationship. It’s still fake of course, but I still remember their fun night out in season one and they actually make an interesting couple.
– Also OMG Lemon and Meatball? Nobody will ship that relationship right?!
– Is it just me, or is Zoe’s new boyfriend boring as hell. I hope the town folks drive him crazy within a few episodes, so he goes back to New York.
– Wait did Magnolia leave the show?! Although her part wasn’t that big, I’m going to miss her.
– Shelby also skipped town. Although she was a nice addition to the second season, I’m not really sad she won’t return in season 3. Creatively there wasn’t much left to do with the character.
– Messed up George was funny. But I’m glad Lemon got him back, because staring at a useless George for a couple of weeks, would have been too much.
– The crew did a nice job of hiding Jaime King’s baby bump behind all the different props they use on the show. PS: Congrats with the birth of your baby boy, Jaime!
– Lavon’s niece is awful. Poor Annabeth. That girl likes to make everything about her. I wonder how Lavon reacts when he finds out that George slept with her. That will create some friction in their friendship…
– How adorable was crazy Earl? Trying to get Zoe and Wade back together. Although it was a long shot, I appreciate his gesture.
– Another adorable moment was when Zoe felt nostalgic and then ran into Wally and he said “Where you get them shoes at, girl? I know you ain’t get them in BlueBell. Them ain’t BlueBell shoes.” This is the corny and friendly stuff I adore.

– Do you think Zoe’s NY boyfriend is boring?
– Are you a Lemonade or Lemonball shipper?
– Did you think it was sweet that Earl tried to save Zade’s relationship?

Hart of Dixie 3×01 quotes
Lemon: “You need to save Founder’s Day in four hour and, right now, you look like Joaquin Phoenix.”

Crickett: “I am positive our little Lemon is getting herself squeezed.”

Lemon: “She does not get to break your heart and then waltz off into the sunset.”

Zoe: “That’s Little Lynly?”
Annabeth: “The only thing little about her anymore is her regard for my time.”

Lavon: “Little Lynly is nursing a broken heart. Now, if you so much as flirt with her, I will remove your arms, your legs, and you will have a hard time relieving yourself.”
Wade: “You’re adorable, Papa Bear, but no worries, all right? I’m doing fine with the ladies, so no need to seduce the ones I live with. Got me in enough trouble before.”

Lavon: “I just want to posit one thing. Now, what if BlueBell is real, and New York is the rest stop?”

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