The Originals 1×02: The sister and the son

The Originals S01E02

The Originals 1×02: House of the Rising Son
Rebekah returns to New Orleans and leaves a trail of dead nightwalkers behind her. I really missed Rebekah’s sassy side. She also had the best lines this week. Although the episode had some dull moments too (a lot of unnecessary explaining and I’m not really a fan of Rebekah’s desperate in want of a boyfriend side). But the episode gave a lot of information on Marcel’s backstory and relationship with Klaus. Who raised the slave boy like a son. It was obvious Klaus doesn’t like sharing, because when Marcel fell in love his sister, Klaus daggered her and gave him a choice: become a vampire or spend his human life with Rebekah. Poor Rebekah was daggered for over 50 years.

Rebekah develops a small friendship with mumsy Hayley, which came in handy because some of the witches are traitors… We saw more of Davina when Rebekah found out that Marcel was the one with Elijah’s body (such a wrong move of Klaus). But at least the Original family isn’t in the dark anymore (I was a bit scared that it would take half a season to find out about the mystery witch in the attic). Another nice informative moment was Klaus explaining his plan to his sister and “girlfriend”. This particular scene made the paranoid family look a bit lost and human, in my opinion. It seems that Cami plays a big part in defeating Marcel. I’m glad Klaus and Hayley found some common ground when it comes to the baby. I have to say at first I wasn’t really excited but now I think that this particular plot has been a great move. To be continued!

The Originals 1×02 quotes
Rebekah: “Ahh. You must be the maid. My bags are in the car. Get them, will you?”
Hayley: “Hello. Not the maid.”
Rebekah: “Right. You’re that werewolf girl my brother Klaus knocked up. I was expecting to see some kind of supernatural miracle baby bump. Guess you’re not showing yet. It’s Hayley, isn’t it?”
Hayley: “You have your brother’s manners.”
Rebekah: “And his temper, too, so watch it.”

Rebekah: “Klaus, get out here and tell me what you’ve done with our brother, you narcissistic, back-stabbing wanker!”

Klaus: “It’s not gonna happen, sister. If we turned every man you dropped your knickers for, then human beings would cease to exist, and we’d have no bloody food.”

Klaus: “Finding Elijah didn’t make my to-do list today.”

Rebekah: “Well, knowing Klaus, he’s planning a box for you the second you give birth to whatever’s cooking in your tum.”

Klaus: “Unless that biker bar is frequented by small-town high-school quarterbacks, I can’t imagine she’d be interested.”

Marcel: “I don’t have time for Mikaelson family drama. You’re my guest. Keep your sister in line.”
Klaus: “I have a greater chance of draining the Mississippi with a straw!”

Rebekah: “All of this bluster about not wanting the child and then the second she tells you she’s ready to get rid of it… It’s ok to care. It’s ok to want something. That’s all Elijah was trying to do, all he’s ever wanted for you, all we’ve ever wanted.”

Klaus: “I’m beginning to think we’re a lot a like, you and I. We’re both castoffs who’ve learnt to fight when we’re backed into a corner.”
Hayley: “Well, we’re backed into a corner now.”
Klaus: “Ah. That we are. It’s time to fight, little wolf.”

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