Arrow 2×01: Arrow rises

Arrow S02E01

Arrow 2×01: City of Heroes
The writers of Arrow really know how to kick off a new season. This first episode was amazing! Ollie was back on the island, trying to regroup after Tommy’s death. Felicity and Diggle decide that it’s time for him to come back to Starling City, because his mom’s trial is about to start and Thea needs her brother. She took over his club Verdant, but they also need someone to run the family business: Queen Consolidated, because a vicious lady called Isabel Rochev of Stellmoor International tries to gain control (hate her already). But he stops her with the help of Walter (yay!).

Poor Detective Lance has been demoted to police officer and Laurel decided to join the DA’s office to go after the Hood, because she holds him responsible for Tommy’s death and not his deranged father… (why does Laurel has to be this stupid, sigh).

Roy Harper tries to be the hero just like the Hood and he is not the only copycat in town. These evil hoods decide to go after the Queen family, which pulls Ollie back into the business when his sister gets kidnapped. Loved Felicity’s office improvements by the way (and keeping the old workout equipment around). After he saves her, Thea has a emotional encounter with her mother and Ollie decides to become the town’s hero instead of the town’s vigilante. You can guess what his nickname will be from now on…

The island storyline also continues. Ollie is trained by Slade, while dating Shado. There are also new intruders on the island and they have no idea who they belong to. But after Ollie brutally killed one of them, you can guess that they are in big trouble! Basically this was the perfect start for a brand new, action packed season with some drama on the side. We even got a quick look at the Black Canary. Well done Arrow crew!

Arrow 2×01 quotes
Roy Harper: “What I lack in height, I make up for in wicked good hearing.”

Diggle: “Would have emailed, but this isn’t exactly a WiFi hotspot.”

Isabel: “You aren’t at all what people say about you.”
Ollie: “Most people fail to see the real me.”

Felicity: “I’m game for anything as long as it doesn’t involve skydiving. And I’m pretty down on landmines now, too.”

Thea: “That outfit, with your coloring, isn’t that cruel and unusual punishment or something?”

Felicity: “Once they gobble up Queen Consolidated, 30,000 employees are going to be out of a job. Including one very blond I.T. expert.”

Quentin Lance: “You, uh, heard anything from our mutual friend lately?”
Felicity: “Nope. In fact, I keep waiting for him to show up.”

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