Nashville 2×03: Liars and cheaters

Nashville S02E03

Nashville 2×03: I Don’t Wanna Talk About It Now
This wasn’t a bad episode, but I hate the direction almost everyone is going. Let’s break it down in some bullet points.

– I can’t believe Will stole Gunnar’s song. Does he think that Gunnar is just a songwriter and not an artist? The worst part was that the song sounded so much better when Gunnar sang it.
– When is Rayna going to sign Gunnar as her second act?! Did you hear that song Rayna or were you to busy making out with your producer boytoy? Although I like Michiel Huisman/Liam, I’m not a fan of this relationship at all. Rayna needs a real man/boyfriend.
– How cute are Avery and Juliette together (as friends)? Loved their one-liners and witty dialog. But did you really have to get back to your old ways Juliette (sleeping with that married guy, yuck)? It is such a pity that she is too afraid to admit she genuinely likes hanging out with Avery. Can’t believe that the burning the masters thing never came up earlier, by the way.
– Deacon had a really tough week. Getting used to his new roll as a father and fighting his own demons. The story about his father gave me goosebumps.
– Coleman is skipping town. He has been a good guy, but I’m glad the show is dialing down on it’s political storylines. They just didn’t work.
– Although Scarlett looked like a star, it isn’t really her. I do like her songs though.
– Can’t believe the whole Teddy and Peggy thing either. She is completely cray-cray, wearing maternity clothes and everything while she had a miscarriage. Maybe Teddy should focus a little bit more on his relationship instead of giving Deacon a hard time.
– It made me laugh when the record label boss asked “who does that woman think that she is?”. Hello it’s Rayna Jaymes, the country pop queen who built the label, who the hell are you?

Best song this episode, it’s a tie between Juliette’s Trouble Is and Scarlett’s Waitin’. Listen to these amazing songs below.

– Should Juliette and Avery make-up or kiss and make-up?
– How much do you hate Will for stealing Gunnar’s song?
– Who should Rayna date: Liam, Deacon or unknown guy number 3?

Nashville 2×03 quotes
Juliette: “Well, I’d imagine it takes some of the pressure off, singing somebody else’s hits. It’s kinda like karaoke.”

Jeff: “You know, if I had a suspicious nature, I’d think there was more to it than that. Oh, wait I do have a suspicious nature.”

Juliette: “Aw, you gonna tune it or breastfeed it, baby? Come on.”

Will: “How you like my new look?”
Scarlett: “Where’s the bachelorette party?”

Juliette when she tells Avery why she is glad that he came: “Maybe they’ll be so busy paying attention to your bad manners, they won’t notice mine.”

Deacon: “Here I am. I’m a drunk. Just like him. And I hurt people I love, just like him. But I’ll tell you something. I ain’t never hurt a child. And I’ll be damned if I ever will.”

Avery: “Yeah, put it on me. I’m the problem. I mean it couldn’t possibly be your fault that you don’t trust anybody enough to actually be your friend.”
Juliette: “That is enough.”
Avery: “No, it’s the truth. And you know it. The sad thing is, it’s your choice. You choose to live this way. Unattached, unavailable, no commitment to anyone or anything but yourself.”
Juliette: “Fine. But if you are not gonna stop talking, then you are fired!”
Avery: “Well, I guess that proves it.”

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