The Vampire Diaries 5×02: The thing that everyone wants

The Vampire Diaries S05E02

The Vampire Diaries 5×02: True Lies
Katherine is the new moonstone! We don’t know what the reason behind it, but she is the thing that everyone wants. Basically Katherine was the best part of the episode (maybe even the only really interesting thing actually). The rest of the episode wasn’t dull, but it didn’t surprise me either (like The Originals new episode did).

– Nina Dobrev does a fantastic job on Katherine, but I can’t believe she is back to Naive Elena again. She dated Stefan for ages, why didn’t she notice that something was up with the guy standing in front of her.
– Although Caroline made the torture scene kind of funny, I was a bit sad that Stefan was the key to bringing Elena back to her senses. The writers bring up Stefan every time to break up Delena, while Stelena had relationship troubles which didn’t always involve Damon. Why can’t Delena have that too?
– I’m so excited that the ripper is back. Yay! And that Stefan isn’t stuck in the valet for half the season.
– The college guy Jesse is kind of cute, maybe Caroline should really move on.
– The teacher on the other hand is creepy, but I like that Elena called him out on forging the death certificate. That guy has some explaining to do, ASAP.
– Is it just me or were Katherine and Jeremy kind of cute together? Although it would be very weird (with her being a spitting image of his sister), but I like the dynamic between these characters. He actually got through to her when he said she should stop being such a selfish bitch.
– I also liked “The Other Side” part with Matt and Bonnie. The only downside was that Bonnie decided to keep up the charade.
– The gypsy and Silas collaboration got me curious…

The Vampire Diaries 5×02 quotes
Katherine: “How do you think I survived 500 years? It wasn’t because I was a vampire. It’s because I never looked back. Don’t be dumb. Survive.”
Jeremy: “That’s why people treat you like an object and not like a person.”

Katherine: “I get it. I’m the leverage. I’m that thing that everybody wants. I’m the freaking moonstone.”

Jeremy: “You can try, but none of your abilities work on me, so right now, you’re nothing. Slower than a vampire, weaker than a vampire. I on the other hand am a hunter. Plus I work out.”

Katherine: “I survived childbirth, the death of my entire family, and 500 years of running from an immortal hybrid. You can understand why I’m a little upset that I am on the verge of being defeated by a sinus infection.”

Caroline: “I think we need to set some ground rules for when boyfriends come to visit.”

Damon: “How exactly did the Gilbert and Donovan brain trust put all that together? Never mind. Doesn’t matter.”

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