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Faves and Flaws: Tears for a tribute

What did and didn’t we like in past week’s television extravaganza?

ATC’s Hall of Faves
In sports you get an MVP award, on All That Cubeness you get a place in our Hall of Faves. The “hall” where we like to showcase all the big and small things that we found pleasing to the eye. And we mean pleasing to the eye as a figure of speech, cause there’s more to the world than shirtless actors. (Yes there really is, we were suprised too.) 

Elementary excelled
Elementary S02E03 Faves

You might already read my review of Elementary 2×03, but I think this episode deserves some extra attention in the Hall of Faves. The episode was funny, accurate and had some interesting thoughts on connecting with others (a.k.a. life and love). You might think that Watson and Sherlock’s way of life doesn’t apply to you (because you aren’t a cool consulting detective), but if you think about it we spend enough time hiding behind our computers instead of being in the real world. This show really makes you think, uh. Plus Moriarty reappeared in this episode (yay)! – M

The cast of Glee remembering their quarterback

Glee 5x03 The Quarterback
I still hope to do a full on review for this episode soon, but I cannot not mention Glee’s tribute to Cory Monteith and his character Finn in this section for this week. Several highlights: the Seasons of Love opening scene (gosh, I love the music of Rent), Finn’s family crying over the loss of their son/brother (Mike O’Malley and Romy Rosemont did a wonderful job), Rachel’s solo for the group (and the group’s heartbreaking reactions), Puck’s theory about a life line and Mr. Shue breaking down at the end. I liked that they kept it open how Finn exactly died. I really wondered about that beforehand, but afterwards it’s good that they left that question unanswered. No need for it anyways. – C

ATC’s Hall of Flaws
Unfortunately, not everything is praiseworthy. And yes, flaws make perfection, that’s true. And yes, we often love our shows for both the good and the bad. But some things just need some work, big time! Below are some of our pointers for the writers to get everything back on track. We’d love to hear if you agree or disagree, so feel free to leave a comment.

Rayna messes around with her boytoy producer on Nashville
Nashville S02E03 Liam and Rayna

Rayna reconnected with her producer Liam finish her album. But with Rayna’s voice being a mess, the writers decide to pursue the Liam/Rayna relationship thing again (yawn). I get that Rayna needs a rebound from Deacon (and Teddy), but these two together don’t convince me anymore. Let me get one thing straight: I like Liam, but I wish they would keep him around to work on music and not by being Rayna’s friends with benefits guy. – M

Punching balls on Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the Family 1x02
Don’t get me wrong, I actually quite like this new show, and I’m curious to see its evolvement. I’ll definitely hang on to this one for now. The punching scene in this week’s episode though… meh pretty weak humor if you ask me. Dragged out too long. To the point where I was like yeah dude we got it after the first punch. Move on please. No. What? Are you crazy? Don’t do th…ouch that gotta hurt. – C

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