Revenge 3×03: Have a little faith

Revenge S03E03

Nolan throws a housewarming party with fake swans in the pool, Aiden shows up with Victoria on his arm and Emily convinces Father Paul to get Conrad to confess about his part in David Clarke trial on Revenge 3×03 Confession.

Emily’s Revengenda – Checklist
– Party with Nolan at his extravagant housewarming.
– Having a heated argument with Daniel (seems like Daniel is less naive these days).
– Insult Victoria at a big social event.
– Have a secret meeting with Aiden on the beach (Yay, Aiden is still Team Emily!)
– Update Jack about her Revengenda.
– Stay friends with Conrad and continue to mess with his meds.
– Threaten Father Paul to get Conrad to confess.

Emily’s Revengenda – To Do List
– Hope that Father Paul and Conrad survive the accident! (That didn’t look good at all…)
– Make up with half-sis Charlotte. (the relationship continues to be rocky, unfortunately.)
– For Nolan’s TDL: get to know the mysterious Patrick better.
– Get rid off Margaux. What is taking Emily so long? Now Margaux is moving in on Jack, we should be worried. I don’t trust her fake friendly smile.

Who is going to shoot Emily on her wedding day?
Okay, skip Aiden. After Daniel’s confession this episode (about shooting Aiden) I think I underestimated this Grayson. I can definitely seem him shoot Emily after he finds out about her true intentions to ruin his family.

Revenge 3×03 quotes
Emily’s voice-over: “Some believe confession helps a guilty soul find peace. Releasing us from the shame and regret of our mistakes. In the face of mortality many feel the need to seek this closure to make things right. Because if death doesn’t kill us, our demons will.”

Paul: “But you’re not God, either. I urge you to let go of whatever grudge you may have and move on before you lose yourself.”

Margaux: “If I needed a man to order me around, I would have gone to work for my father.”

Emily: “I was always drawn to the Old Testament. God, the one who avenges. If you sinned, you paid a price. That seemed fair to me.”

Emily’s voice-over: “A guilty heart is silent. Its pulse muffled by the secrets it keeps. While some believe confession can release a tortured soul, others view it as a sign of weakness. Because ultimately, whatever you say, however you feel about what you’ve done, it’s irrelevant, for the hand of death is equally unforgiving.”

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