Downton Abbey 4×04: Troubles in paradise

Downton Abbey S04E04

The aftermath of the Cora’s house party is messy, really messy.
– Edna threatens Tom after they spend the night together (because she got him drunk), but luckily he has Mrs. Hughes on his side. Let’s hope that’s the last we seen of her (and that he didn’t get her pregnant for real).
– Cora and aunt Rosamund are busy setting Mary up with Lord Gillingham. Didn’t her husband just die? It’s okay to want Mary to have a life after the loss of Matthew, but a new marriage is way too soon in my opinion.
– I loved the camera angle when Mary talked with Lord Gillingham about his proposal. They kept the Abbey in the background like a second contender for Mary’s hand. I’m glad Mary declined his proposal, because her commitment to Downton has become even stronger this season.
– Edith stayed the night at Michael Gregson’s place. Ooh la la. Her aunt Rosamund didn’t look amused but agreed to keep her secret. But I bet she is going to get in trouble because of it.
– Is it just me or are the rich guys this season less gentlemanlike than they used to be? Rose’s friend certainly can’t hold is liquor. Luckily the black bandleader Mr. Ross saved her. Although the aristocrats weren’t able to deal with his skin color (not even Tom – maybe he is more alike than he claims to be).
– Isobel and Violet are becoming friends, which means that times are really changing.

– Seeing Anna depressed because of that sleazebag is heartbreaking, I hope she can figure out a way to overcome this. In the meantime I agree with Mrs. Hughes.
– Alfred continues to develop his interest in the kitchen. While Jimmy continues to be a tool about it. I seriously wonder what is wrong with the guy. He is such a Thomas 2.0 sometimes, acting jealous and bring other people down.
– Edna and Thomas sharing their thoughts about each other was hilarious and spot on if you compare it to the viewer’s thoughts.
– I really like these conversations about life and love between Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson. I hope the writers continue with these interactions between the two of them.

Downton Abbey 4×04 quotes
Mr. Carson: “The business of life is the acquisition of memories.”

Edna: “Do you ever wonder why people dislike you so much? It’s because you are sly and oily and smug. And I’m really pleased I got the chance to tell you before I go.”
Thomas: “Well, if we’re playing the truth game, then you’re a manipulative little witch. And if your schemes have come to nothing, I’m delighted.”

Mrs. Patmore: “Sometimes you can spend too long on a one-sided love.”

Mary: “Don’t be transparent, Mama. It doesn’t suit you.”

The Dowager, Violet Crawley: “Well, if we only had moral thoughts, what would the poor churchmen find to do?”

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