Hart of Dixie 3×02: Friends, lovers or nothing?

Hart of Dixie S03E02

Hart of Dixie 3×02: Friends in Low Places
Zoe’s BF Joel has trouble adjusting to Bluebell, so what better to let him fall in love with this small town than by throwing a party with the outsider as guest of honor?! Lemon and Wade continue to fake-date, because Lemon needs to get Meatball out of her system. Plus Zoe is staying in town and the whole making her jealous thing is working.

– I still don’t like Joel, I can’t really explain it maybe he is too much of an outsider (as in doesn’t belong on the show). Although the Bluebell mystery discussion at the end was a fun scene to watch.
– No more Meatball for Lemon! Meatball showing up at the party and messing up Lemon and Wade’s plans was just typical Bluebell. It made me laugh.
– Brick commenting on Lemon’s choices and visiting Wade at the Rammer Jammer was hilarious.
– There was a Zade moment! Awww it was so sweet. Can you stop breaking our hearts, writers? Also loved that Wade started to make fun of Zoe after her big speech, it was just like when they were dating.
– Wade and Lemon are good friends. I’m glad that they are working together at the Rammer Jammer.
– I really can’t stand Lynly! Her character is useless so far and not likeable at all. He parents and uncle never taught her the word ‘no’ clearly.

– Are you sad that Meatball ruined Lemonade?
– Do you think that Lemon developed the worst taste in men after George?
– Should Zoe dump Joel? (This is a rhetorical question, duh!)
– What are your thoughts on Crickett’s husband: just Southern or gay?

Hart of Dixie 3×02 quotes
Lemon: “Well, Wade and I are dating each other for very complicated reasons.”
Crickett: “Abs.”

Lemon: “Well, it turns out, me being with you is the best Meatball deterrent there is.”
Wade: “I thought sleeping with Meatball is the best Meatball deterrent there is.”
Lemon: “You’d think, but there’s this thing that he does…”
Wade: “Ew, gross, stop!”

Joel: “No one ever suspects the guy named Meatball.”

Lemon: “You know, you shouldn’t drink alone. People will judge.”
Wade: “You’re a good friend, Lemon.”

Annabeth: “Nothing kills a dinner party like the guest of honor, you know, being killed.”

Joel: “Yeah, you know, I’m sure that all big-city doctors that go down South, uh, go through their bad-boy-bartender phase.”

Lemon: “I have a reputation to protect.”
Wade: “Oh, says the girl who’s screwing Meatball.”

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