Nashville 2×04: Daddy issues

Nashville S02E04

Nashville 2×04: You’re No Angel Yourself
– Maddie is still mad at momma. She even runs away when she noticed her grandmother’s ring around Peggy’s neck, because she feels neglected by Teddy. Luckily she made a new friend in the season premiere: Juliette Barnes. In the end Rayna and Maddie finally made up. Rayna even start sharing some stories about Deacon and her, which made me miss them as a couple even more. Plus the first real daughter/father conversation between Maddie and Deacon over the phone was so sweet. She calls him dad already!
– Rayna might have lost her voice for real. Yikes, that would be awful.
– Juliette is in bigger trouble with the tour. The part where she invited her mini me to join her, but not really invited her in was funny.
– Why is the label trying to make Scarlett into something she is not? She needs to be in flower dresses just like Layla and Layla should be in Juliette 2.0 dresses. My biggest question why doesn’t Rayna interfere?
– I’m so glad Gunnar said no to Will. Will is being such a prick lately. Also can’t believe that Gunnar and Avery might become friends.
– Deacon goes on a date with his lawyer. She is nice, but she ain’t Rayna.
– Scarlett’s bestie Zoey can sing. She sounds lovely. I even liked her performance at the bar more than Scarlett’s. I guess Zoey is growing on me.
– OMG is Peggy seriously trying to get pregnant? Teddy is really stupid that he doesn’t realize something is off. Doesn’t she have to go to a doctor’s appointment? At least she got an expensive ring on her finger, so part of her plan is working.
– Tandy hands over all the information about her father to the feds. Although I get she is really hurt about her father’s involvement in her mother’s death, I fear she is going to be the real Wyatt outcast if her family finds out.

Best song this week was an easy pick. If you didn’t get teary-eyed when the girls sang one of Deacon’s old songs A Life That’s Good while Rayna was listening outside Maddie’s room, I don’t know what should do the trick then.

– Should Maddie change her surname to Claybourne just to piss off Teddy?
– Did you like Juliette as the voice of reason?
– Gunnar not giving his song to Will: good or bad idea?
– Would you rat out Lamar if you were Tandy?

Nashville 2×04 quotes
Juliette: “What? Her throat is still sore from the intubation? That is what lip synching is for. She’ll heal.”

Gunnar: “Great. Now it sucks to be at home, and it sucks to be at work, too.”

Zoey: “This is to your very first autograph.”
Scarlett: “And not my last shot. Yay.”

Maddie: “I just wish I was older sometimes. Could just be on my own, writing songs all day and playing the Bluebird at night. Nothing would matter but the music.”
Juliette: “That sounds like somebody else I know.”
Maddie: “Deacon? Yeah.”

Juliette: “She quit the tour yesterday ’cause she wants to be there for you. She told me herself that you girls mean more to her than anything in this world. More than money, more than fans. More than me being really, really pissed off at her.”

Juliette to Layla: “Calm down. There’s no cameras rolling here, but, uh, I need someone to appeal to my old fan base so I can move on with my new material, and since you are quite literally singing my old songs. I thought it would be a perfect fit.”

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