Elementary 2×04: Pen pals

Elementary S02E04

Elementary 2×04 Poison Pen
In the fourth episode of the season Elementary explored Sherlock’s past. We met his first killer, a woman who became Sherlock’s pen pal after she was accused of poisoning her own father. She transformed a lot over the years (botox and being a nanny), but she was yet again involved in a murder case. This time she didn’t do it, but she decided to take the fall for the eldest son. Because he was abused by his father, just like she was back in the day. We also learned that Sherlock has been bullied when he was younger.

It was not your typical Elementary episode, but I think that the writers did a nice job revealing a little bit of Sherlock’s past and how he became the Sherlock Holmes who we get to see every week. We even saw a little bit of Sherlock’s softer side when he talked to the nanny. For me it was a bit weird to see Laura Benanti play such a hurt character, after being the cheerful coach on Go On last season. Nevertheless she did a great job. Also Joan’s deductive skills are really improving. She is becoming a true consulting detective, instead of filling in some occasional blanks like last season.

Elementary 2×04 quotes
Joan: “Give me some credit. I used to be a surgeon. I would never leave a mess like this.”

Sherlock: “I fight without mercy. A habit you should develop if you hope to defend yourself against bigger, stronger opponents. Which may occur, unless we limit ourselves to investigating crimes committed by small children or large house cats.”

Gregson: “That’s a lousy alibi, Abigail.”
Abigail: “Yeah, well, if I knew I needed one, I would’ve invited somebody over.”

Sherlock: “In my teenage years, I was a lot less self-assured than I am today. I yearned for a more typical name. So for a while, I attempted to be known as Sean Holmes. Didn’t stick, but Sean and Abigail’s correspondence became a very real window into the criminal mind.”

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