The Vampire Diaries 5×03: Never ever trust a witch

The Vampire Diaries S05E03

The Vampire Diaries 5×03: Original Sin
The ripper returns… for basically two seconds. But what the hell, I like ripper Stefan. So yay! Which could make this a great episode in theory, but the writers decided to do some explaining – actually a lot of it. I will break it down in a few bullet points…

– Ripper Stefan is sans ring, but gets picked up by a lady who knows about vampires. Meet the witch with the name we can’t pronounce (or write for that matter): Qetsiyah. She goes by Tessa these days, which I’m going to stick with from now on. (PS: you might recognize the actress as McKenna from Arrow)
– Tessa is still on a mission to ruin Silas his life after he ran of with her handmaiden – TVD character number three on Nina Dobrev’s resume – Amara. She informs us that Silas and Amara repeat their love story every once in a while with a döppelganger. Because of their special connection, Tessa uses Stefan to fry Silas’s brain and gives Stefan amnesia in the proces. Yikes.
– Matt continues to be weird (because he got a traveller inside him somewhere), but he finally realizes he is acting weird. I wonder what the purpose of this storyline is… but according to interviews with Julie Plec Matt would play a big part this season.
– Damon is sick of hearing that the universe tries ruin his relationship with Elena (because of the döppelgangers being like magnets when it comes to romance) and so am I. But I’m glad Tessa finally explained why Stefan always gets in the way of Delena (and not some other relationship barrier).
– Elena saves Katherine from the crazy female traveller Nadia. Although having a heart to heart with your döppelganger while you two are on the run isn’t a smart move. But Nadia isn’t very smart either. She runs into Silas, who almost grabs Katherine, but fails because of Tessa’s mind fry trick.

Not a bad episode, but not great either. I’m curious where it will lead us this season. But we learned a value lesson this episode: never ever trust a witch on TVD. The vampires should really stop fall for their tricks. It isn’t a rookie mistake anymore after four seasons.

The Vampire Diaries 5×03 quotes
Elena: “Can’t we just stash her in the cellar or maybe a deep, dark well with a pair of water wings?”
Katherine: “Do you really think that I want to take a road trip with you, America’s most boring, self-righteous vampire? Just remember, Damon wouldn’t have to play bodyguard if you hadn’t shoved that cure down my throat.”
Elena: “You were trying to kill me.”
Katherine: “I will admit, though, I take great pleasure knowing that you wasted your one shot at a human life on me.”
Damon: “All right. Play nice, or I’m gonna revisit the deep, dark well idea.”

Tessa: “Have you not been listening to me. I have trust issues. I’m controlling and paranoid and a little crazy. And that’s working out just fine.”

Elena: “You think that because we share the same dreams and both care about Stefan that we’re alike, but we’re not. I value my humanity, which is why I let you live, to give you a chance to find whatever shred of humanity’s buried underneath 500 years of bad behavior.”
Katherine: “Or maybe you thought that being human was punishment worse than death for me.”
Elena: “Naw. That was just a happy accident.”

Katherine: “Well, thank you. I’m glad to know that you care, even if you are a condescending bitch.”

Tessa: “Love bends the rules of possible.”

Stefan: “Wait. Katherine took the cure?”
Damon: “We have a lot to catch up on, Stefan.”

Katherine: “Sorry to sound like a broken record, but I like to know the identity of my kidnappers. Who are you, and what do you want?”

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