Downton Abbey 4×05: Family matters

Downton Abbey S04E05

Upstairs: Downton moves forwards
Mary and Tom are moving forward with their plans to modernize Downton, but there was also time for a sweet family moment with little Sybbie and baby George. Don’t they look cute together?
– Isobel is overcoming her grief, thankfully. She is back to saving the less fortunate people and making the Dowager’s life a bit more difficult in the process. I really like this side of Isobel.
– Lord Grantham shows a lot of heart when he helps out a man, who wants to farm the land of his father who just passed away but didn’t know about the debt his father had. It was nice to see that Robert helped out the man, but also sticked by the plans of his daughter and son-in-law. I’m glad they are able to find the high road with these changes at Downton.
– Edith is sneaking off to London to visit a doctor. Oh oh does she have a baby on board? If so, I guess that means Mr. Gregson isn’t returning anymore (according to the pregnant Crawley sisters track record, which only allows one parent per baby).
– The ladies at Downton are discussing a surprise for Robert’s upcoming birthday. I bet Rose’s plan has something to do with the band we saw in the previous episode.
– Tom thinks about leaving Downton to start a new life with Sybbie in America. It would be sad if we lose Tom too.
– Evelyn Napier returns to Downton. He is working for the government on a project about the rural economy these days. Mary seems very happy to see him in my opinion and offers him and his boss Charles Blake to stay while they are doing their research in Yorkshire. It’s obvious Evelyn is still very keen on Mary, but I wonder if he will be the right match for her.

Downstairs: Mr. Bates finds out
– There is a new ladies maid at Downton: Mrs. Baxter. I wonder what her story is, because Thomas seems to control her somehow.
– Mr. Bates overhears Anna and Mrs. Hughes talking about letting Mr. Bates in on her secret, but Anna fears for her husband life. After this Mr. Bates takes matters into his own hands and demands answers from Mrs. Hughes otherwise he will leave Downton. Poor Mrs. Hughes, she has such a tough position sometimes. Although Mr. Bates finally knows what’s going on (or at least half of it), I hate what this storyline, the acting is great, but I just wish we could see happy Anna again.
– The story of who loves Alfred and who loves him back continues. yawn.
– Alfred receives good news from the Ritz. He is invited to participate in the final test round in London. If he passes his dream of becoming a chef will come true in the near future.

Downton Abbey 4×05 quotes
Violet Crawley, The Dowager, talking about Isobel: “Says the queen of the rebels.”

Violet: “You owe your place to Mrs Crawley. She would not let me go until I’d promised. She would not relax her grip.”
Isobel: “You make me sound very fervent.”
Violet: “Wars have been waged with less fervour.”
Isobel: “Well, let’s hope we win this one. Good day, John.”

Mrs. Patmore talking about helping Alfred becoming a cook: “I was just checking I wasn’t inciting a revolution.”

Isobel talking about the young gardner calling her Your Ladyship: “He’s going to be so disappointed when he finds out how ordinary I really am.”

Edith about Tony Gillingham: “I am surprised. I thought he was rather keen on you.”
Mary: “Not for the first time, you’ve got the wrong end of the stick.”

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