Hart of Dixie 3×03: ReBelles

Hart of Dixie S03E03

Hart of Dixie 3×03: Take This Job and Shove It
Zoe has some serious job withdrawal. She doesn’t want to start a new practice, she wants back in the old one with Brick. But he is giving her a hard time. Zoe isn’t the only one having a hard time, Lemon wants to take over the Belles because Crickett’s leadership skills are awful. Lavon is focusing on getting BlueBell their own minor league baseball team and George is tutoring Lynly or at least he tries to tutor her.

– I have to agree with Lemon, Crickett sucks at leading the Belles. Mostly because she doesn’t make her own decisions and listens to everything the Baker sisters say. She might learned a thing or two about leadership from Lemon (the wrong kind – although we never saw Lemon belittle the Belles like Crickett did this week), but her minions are definitely using her as a marionette.
– The punishment of Lemon’s Resistance was super funny. Plus I really liked how Lemon handled the situation and quit the Belles. Another funny thing was Annabeth looking very proud and nodding in the background every time Lemon made a statement this episode. They are great friends.
– Lavon’s baseball business was boring as hell. Not even Brick and his old beau could make it better (she actually made it worse).
– Zoe’s friendship with George is very rocky. I don’t really understand why. Especially when she is communicating with Wade, although that might be a part of his plan to win her back. But wow they are having some actual conversations, which was lacking during their own relationship last season.
– Frank opening Dixie Stop Investigations is hilarious. Of course Frank has a fake rock with a spare key in it right next to the front door.
– When George suggested a name for the baseball team, it would have been a nice touch if he called them the Panthers, right Friday Night Lights fans?!
– Lynly is super obnoxious. Can someone make her go away? The zipper incident. OMG… while Lemon stood up for her rights, Lynly learned the female viewers to drop your clothes to get what you want. Great message that you are sending out. Hopefully everyone picked up that she completely failed in her attempt.
– I’m glad Zoe and Brick found some common ground again. I’m also happy that the writers decided to focus on Brick’s heartbreak (Zoe isn’t the only one in town who is allowed to have some heartbreak). It must have been such a hard time for him, with Shelby, Magnolia and Zoe leaving.
– Joel became a little less boring this week, because he teamed up with Wade to help out Zoe. Although he is still in the boring zone.

– Should George keep Lynly at arm’s length?
– Would you hire Frank as your P.I.?
– Was is it a smart move that Lemon and Annabeth left the Belles?

Hart of Dixie 3×03 quotes
Zoe: “We have to do things the Southern way. Trust me. It’s already working. Even if it seems like it’s not, that’s what makes it Southern.”

Annabeth: “Which I know since, lucky me, managing Brick’s Facebook page falls under my job description.”

Wade: “Just think of it as a sabbatical. Hell, I’d love a six-month sabbatical.”
Zoe: “Your whole life is a sabbatical.”
Wade: “You know, there’s a certain kind of guy who might be insulted by that. Not me.”

Brick: “I have been trying to unfriend Cameron Lynch since before Facebook was even invented.”

George: “Do we have a name yet? Because the BlueBell Bombardiers suggests a really cool logo. Retro, yet intimidating.”
Lavon: “Okay, whoa, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, all right?”

Lemon: “Oh, I’ll perform the sanctions. I’ll perform them so well, they’ll name them after me. They’ll call them the ‘Lemons’. You hear me? The Lemons!”

Wade to Zoe on the phone: “Yo, Healer Previously Known As Doc.”

Lemon: “Oh, no, Zoe Hart, you have seen nothing here. Just move along.”
Zoe: “Too late. Can’t wipe the image from my brain. What are you, reenacting a scene from Annie? Oh, you’d be a better Ms. Hannigan.”
Lemon: “Okay. Well, I wouldn’t expect you to understand little things like history, or legacy or tradition.”
Zoe: “Tradition? Wrong show. That’s Fiddler on the Roof.”
Lemon: “Don’t you have somewhere else to be?”
Zoe: “Lemon, just remember. The sun will come out tomorrow.”

Lavon: “Now, you never had your shot. But you’ll win the big game with your slider. Oh. Disney would make a movie out of that.”

Wade: “I recognize that look you got on your face. Hell, I’ve worn it myself, amigo. That is a Zoe Hart original.”

Lemon: “I already know what you’re gonna say. ‘Lemon, why are you humiliating yourself for such an archaic organization? Why do you even care what the Belles think? Friends who treat friends like that aren’t even friends at all.'”
Wade: “Maybe. Or maybe I was just gonna say it’s a shame I never see you sweep the Rammer Jammer. Also, you missed a spot.”

Annabeth: “I was going over the numbers in my head. We just bought ourselves ten extra hours a week.”

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