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Faves and Flaws: The Halloween trophies

Halloween has passed, the candy is almost gone and all the Halloween episodes have aired. What better way to end this year’s Halloween candy marathon with a round-up of the best and worst Halloween outfits and moments? (written by M with input from C, who advised me to watch Trophy Wife in the first place.)

ATC’s Hall of Faves
In sports you get an MVP award, on All That Cubeness you get a place in our Hall of Faves. The “hall” where we like to showcase all the big and small things that we found pleasing to the eye. And we mean pleasing to the eye as a figure of speech, cause there’s more to the world than shirtless actors. (Yes there really is, we were suprised too.) 

Bert goes trick or treating as The Ironing Man on Trophy Wife!
Trophy Wife S01E06 Bert

Okay the first outfit with an iron was the worst, but this scene was sooooo hilarious (actually the whole story arc for Bert this episode was fabulous). Bertie is such a cute kid (and the breakout star of the season) and Jackie is super funny with her lacking knowledge of current affairs (“Wait. Hold up. Robert Downey had a son?!”).

Warren (Trophy Wife) finds his inner Ellen
Trophy Wife S01E06 Warren

Yes that was a reference to Finding Nemo/Dory… First I found Warren a little strange and he got even weirder because of the painkillers this episode (Diane: “We don’t enjoy painkillers, Warren. We take them. One every four hours.” Warren: “I thought it was four every one hour?”). But I really enjoyed his Halloween costume and Ellen DeGeneres impressions – although he passed out right in the middle of it.

ATC’s Hall of Flaws
Unfortunately, not everything is praiseworthy. And yes, flaws make perfection, that’s true. And yes, we often love our shows for both the good and the bad. But some things just need some work, big time! Below are some of our pointers for the writers to get everything back on track. We’d love to hear if you agree or disagree, so feel free to leave a comment.

The Vampire Diaries throws a costume party but don’t you dare call it Halloween
The Vampire Diaries S05E05 Halloween

Amnesia Stefan as James Dean? Come on, a shirt plus a leather jacket is basically every Stefan’s outfit from season one. That was a really, really safe choice Caroline. The rest of the costumes weren’t great either. It felt like a rehash of TVD flashbacks and costume school parties.

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