Nashville 2×05: Denim and diamonds

Nashville S02E05

Nashville 2×05: Don’t Open That Door
The new artist Luke Wheeler at Edgehill throws a benefit concert (dresscode: denim and diamonds, how original). The shiny new stars walk the red carpet, Rayna is forced to sing and Juliette gets invited to join the Opry. In the meantime back at the Bluebird, Gunnar and Avery are working on a new hit with some help from Zoey. Deacon’s hand isn’t back to normal, but he is working on music again with Scarlett and her piano.

– Rayna was forced to sing on stage and she sounded wonderful. I guess she just needed a little push. I also enjoyed the song very much. It was a great comeback.
– Can’t believe that Avery and Gunnar are working together. Their song sounded so good. Adored Avery’s voice when he sang “Don’t you want to be my girl”.
– I wasn’t the only one who liked their song. Seems that Zoey and Gunnar hit it off. I’m not sure if I’m happy with it, because Avery noticed it too and he is probably going to make a move on Scarlett now.
– Poor Scarlett sabotaged by everyone over at Edgehill. I wonder why Rayna doesn’t support her better. It’s her label right?! Tim to take charge Rayna, for real. I loved the song Scarlett sang with Deacon. It was haunting!
– Layla is such a jealous girl. Can’t believe she tried to ruin Scarlett’s red carpet, just because Will greeted Scarlett a little bit too friendly. Don’t forget Scarlett reassured her that nothing was going on. Ugh. Poor Will and now he has to fake-date this bitch.
– Juliette got a taste of her own medicine when she overheard a conversation between Rayna and Luke Wheeler, who basically called her stupid. Although it was very harsh, I’m glad she decided to make up with Avery because of it. We don’t hear the words “I’m sorry” from her mouth so often. Plus it was really sweet when she said “I can’t wait to tell Avery”.
– Deacon and the lawyer continue dating. They are sweet together, but I still don’t care for them as a couple. I’m glad he decided to become co-owner at the guitar shop though. Deacon needs to be around music.
– The boring political storyline continues with the arrest of Lamar. It sucks for Rayna’s buy out plans, but they can’t move faster with this storyline in my opinion. I really don’t care if he is found guilty or not or who he suspects of turning him in.
– Will’s career moves forward, because he will join Juliette’s tour too. Time to forgive him of his rookie mistake (stealing Gunnar’s song) and wish him the best of luck. He’s going to need it while Layla is around.

My two favorite songs this week where Scarlett and Deacon’s duet This Town plus Avery and Gunnar’s hit Be My Girl.

– Gunnar hooking up with Zoey: big mistake or time that he moved on from Scarlett?
– Was it a smart move by Tandy to stay quiet about her roll in her father’s arrest?
– Should Deacon consider a career as a piano-player?
– And what about Deacon and Scarlett becoming a country duo?

Nashville 2×05 quotes
Rayna: “I really think it’s time that Jeff Fordham met the Wyatt side of Rayna Jaymes.”

Glenn: “You might wanna stop poking that bear. He went after Luke Wheeler ’cause he can’t control his top two artists here, and he wants to get somebody bigger.”
Juliette: “The only thing that I just heard was I’m one of the top two artists.”

Deacon: “It just hurts too much being around music if I can’t play it.”

Layla about Juliette: “Is it just me, or did she seem to enjoy that a little bit too much?”

Scarlett: “That’s gotta be one of the stupidest experiences of my life. You’d think having a music contract would be about music, but no, it’s about the color lip gloss you wear and how many lies you can tell in front of…”
Deacon: “Tough night at the ball, Cinderella?”
Scarlett: “What are you doin’ to my piano?”

Scarlett: “This is what I should be doing. Write songs, play ’em in your living room. I don’t need a contract.”
Deacon: “Oh, yeah, that’s a nice idea. But it’s a lie, and you know it. I was on stage with you when you sang at the Opry. I saw your face. You loved it.”
Scarlett: “Didn’t know that kind of magic existed.”
Deacon: “And nothing compares with it. Well, nothing healthy at least.”
Scarlett: “You know, all the other stuff ain’t worth it.”
Deacon: “Yeah, you tell yourself that, but I’ll tell you this, if you leave, you’ll miss it. That audience, that connection. I miss it.”

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