Downton Abbey 4×06: The lucky ones

Downton Abbey S04E06

Upstairs: Robert’s birthday party and tales about true love
Can someone hand me a tissue? That scene with Isobel, Tom and Mary talking about their loved ones in the nursery was heartbreaking and super sweet at the same time. I also had to giggle a little bit when I saw Isobel’s shocked face when Mary told she was standing outside without a coat.
– Charles Blake seems like a difficult gentleman. But it’s nice to see that Lady Mary feels challenged by him. Just like with Matthew. Although Charles Blake is a bit of snob himself and Matthew was actually likeable from the beginning.
– Did Isobel really suggest at dinner that Tom should pursue Mary, when she mentioned an Earl’s daughter and that it would depend on her if she will take him? I’m glad that Tom said that it wouldn’t happen. Sybil and Mary were so different, it wouldn’t be a logical match (nor a good match). I am sad that Tom is considering moving to America. I don’t want to lose Tom too.
– The jazz band and everyone’s reaction to it upstairs was so delightful. Although it wasn’t very Downton like, I’m glad to see that they aren’t stuck in time.
– Uh oh, Rose is kissing the bandleader. Mary pretended she didn’t see anything, but it will get Rose in trouble along the way.
– Edith is preggers! And Mr. Gregson is still missing. Poor Edith, she was very happy at the beginning of the season and now her world is falling apart. Of course she can’t discuss it with her family, because I guess they won’t be happy with this development. Although they seem less worried if she get married these days.

Downstairs: Molesley returns to Downton
– Mrs. Baxter is having a difficult time. She actually likes Cora and doesn’t like telling tales about her and the others anymore. But somehow Thomas controls her. I wonder what her secret is.
– Mr. Molesley is coming back to Downton now Alfred is leaving (because a spot opened up at the Ritz). I’m glad the job thing sorted itself out in Molesley’s case. We have seen him work in other less respectful jobs quite enough.
– It was a lot of fun to see the servants react to the band and the presents of the black lead singer.
– Mr. Carson conversation with the bandleader Jack Ross was kind of funny. Carson didn’t know how the react at the beginning, but along the way they found a common interest to talk about.
– Jimmy takes advantage of Ivy, who turns him down and realizes that Alfred was the true gentleman. I’m so over this storyline and Daisy know it all comments. Although I really liked it that Mrs. Hughes pointed out that Ivy had it coming (when she asked about Daisy’s rant).

Downton Abbey 4×06 quotes
Violet Crawley, the Dowager: “I wonder you don’t just set fire to the abbey and dance round it, painted with woad and howling!”
Isobel Crawley: “I might, if it would do any good.”

Mrs. Patmore: “When you fall off a horse, you need a bit of time to get back in the saddle.”

Tom Branson: “It is a bit wild, jazz at Downton Abbey.”
Isobel Crawley: “I think it’s lovely. You see, Tom. Things can happen at Downton that no-one imagined even a few years ago. Take heart from that. Before you throw in the towel.”

Lady Edith: “But, Granny, is it really suitable that Rose has brought this man here?”
Violet Crawley, the Dowager: “Oh, my dear, we country-dwellers must beware of being provincial. Try and let your time in London rub off on you a little, hmm?”

Lord Grantham: “I must skedaddle.”

Thomas Barrow: “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”
Mrs. Patmore: “That gives you a bit of leeway!”

Doctor Clarkson: “Well, I’d say that was game, set and match to Lady Grantham.”

Cora Crawley: “Well, don’t sound so hesitant, or the maitre d’ will kill himself!”

Ivy about Jimmy: “I thought he was so nice.”
Mrs. Patmore: “How many women have said that since the Norman Conquest?”

Mrs. Hughes: “Oh, I’d say it was about the fact that you’ve had it coming.”

Lord Grantham: “Edith? My most darling girl. What’s the matter?”
Lady Edith: “But I’m not your most darling girl, am I?”
Lord Grantham: “I love my children equally.”
Lady Edith: “I don’t know why people say that when it’s almost never true.”

Mr. Carson: “Oh, all right. I give in! I cannot fight a war on every front.”

Lady Mary: “I’m not unhappy. I’m just not quite ready to be happy.”
Isobel Crawley: “When I got engaged, I was so in love with Reginald I felt sick. I was sick with love. Literally. It seems so odd to think about it now. It really does.”
Tom Branson: “It was the same for me. As if I’d gone mad, or been hypnotised, or something. For days, weeks, all I could think about was her.”
Lady Mary: “And me. I was standing outside in the snow and I didn’t have a coat. But I wasn’t cold. Because all I kept thinking was, he’s going to propose, he’s going to propose.”
Isobel Crawley: “Well. Aren’t we the lucky ones?”

Mrs. Hughes: “You’ve uncovered something about the past that Mr Carson doesn’t approve of. Well done!”

Lord Grantham: “If she’s fighting for her causes again, that seems a good sign.”
Violet Crawley, the Dowager: “A sign of what? That we should close the shutters and bar the door?”
Lord Grantham: “She likes to fight for what she believes in.”
Violet Crawley, the Dowager: “Oh, no. It’s not a matter of what she likes. It is her fuel. Some people run on greed, lust, even love. She runs on indignation!”

Mrs. Patmore about the band: “It makes you want to jig about though, doesn’t it?”
Mr. Carson: “Certainly not!”

Cora Crawley: “I just hope we haven’t shocked the servants too much. Carson was ready to faint.”
Lord Grantham: “Although, amazingly, he told me that the bandleader ‘was a very decent fellow, My Lord.’ So perhaps we’ll make a modern of him after all.”
Cora Crawley: “I doubt it.”

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