Downton Abbey 4×07: A night of discovery

Downton Abbey S04E07

Upstairs: Getting ready for romance
I loooooooved this episode! This is the Downton Abbey I like to watch. There were lot’s of swoon worthy and witty moments, but also some serious troubles.
– What was my favorite you ask? Lady Mary and soon to be suitor Charles Blake saving the dehydrated pigs. The scrambled eggs and getting ‘caught’ by Ivy made it hilarious (another great moment was Mary sighting when Evelyn Napier talked about an increased competition). It was truly a night of good discoveries. Mary has three gentlemen in pursuit of her hand at the moment: Evelyn Napier, Tony Gillingham and Charles Blake. If you hadn’t noticed, the latter is my personal favorite, because he is the only one that truly challenges Mary (like Matthew used to do), which brings out the best in her character in my opinion.
– I had to giggle when Lord Grantham realized that Mary isn’t a little girl anymore, when they talked about Thomas being his valet for his trip to America. Yes, Lord Grantham leaves town for a little bit to safe Cora’s brother who’s in trouble.
– I really don’t want Violet to die. I’m happy Isobel is a nurse. Plus it seems like the two ladies really found each other this season.
– When Isobel and Violet were playing cards I had a Harry Potter deja vu. I couldn’t have been the only one, right?
– Robert and Cora are quite the perfect couple these days, aren’t they? I enjoyed watching their farewells.
– Still no news about Mr. Gregson. I’m getting a little tired hearing the exact same lines every week. Although I’m glad aunt Rosamund is helping Edith with her baby burden. The whole scene at the doctor’s office I was thinking: don’t do it, don’t do it! I was so relieved that Edith said it was a mistake and walked out the door. Although I was a bit worried about her life goal (wanting to be talked about), but I guess you didn’t have much opportunities back then as the second sister.
– Tom met an interesting lady at a political meeting. It was a nice meet-cute. I’m hoping she makes Tom completely forget about his moving plans.
– Rose enjoys her free time with band leader Jack Ross. Although their scene in the boat together was cute, I’m not sure if there is a future for them as a couple.

Downstairs: Anna’s attacker returns
– Alfred (the heartbreaker) returns to Downton, because his father has taken ill. What should have been a friendly visit, gets a bit weird when Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes try to keep him from the Abbey, because Daisy and Ivy basically drive them mad. I don’t blame them. The girls seem childish sometime. Unfortunately Alfred appears anyway.
– Another guest returns: Mr. Green a.k.a. Anna’s attacker. It was very brave of Mrs. Hughes to speak up. He was such an ass blaming it on Anna. I really hope we don’t see him again. Or that Lady Mary gets involved somehow, since she is in the known about Anna’s troubles these days.
– Molesley is a smart guy. Yes you probably won’t think of him as the brightest lad on the block, but he caught Thomas and Mrs. Baxter discussing report business. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes helps with these matters. I hope he will find out more about Mrs. Baxter’s backstory.

Downton Abbey 4×07 quotes
Lord Grantham: “I know plenty of relatives of English earls who belong in jail!”

Lady Mary: “Mrs Hughes, I hope we are good employers, but even we expect to get what we pay for.”

Lord Grantham: “You do know the Americans have a correct uniform for practically every activity known to man?”

Lady Mary: “Why wouldn’t he? It’s an adventure. All those handsome stewards strutting down the boat deck.”
Lord Grantham: “Don’t be vulgar. What do you know of such matters?”
Lady Mary: “I’ve been married. I know everything.”

Charles Blake: “They think nothing needs to change. That God will be upset if the old order is overturned.”
Lady Mary: “And you don’t think He will be?”
Charles Blake: “No. To farm an estate is hard work, and never more than now. The owners must face up to that, or they don’t deserve to keep what they have.”

Tom Branson talking about what happend to his politics: “They vanished. Along with that silly chauffeur chap named Branson.”

Tom Branson: “I’d say you better be nice to me, or I’ll tell old Lady Grantham you called Lloyd George ‘poor dear’.”

Lady Edith: “You don’t think I’m bad, do you?”
Cora Crawley: “You can be a bit sharp-tongued every now and then! But, bad? No.”
Lady Edith: “Sometimes I have bad feelings.”
Cora Crawley: “We all have bad feelings. It’s acting on them that makes you bad.”

Mr. Carson: “You’re quite a plotter when you want to be, aren’t you?”
Mrs. Hughes: “It’s a skill all women must learn.”

Lady Mary: “How can brainless dullards like us ever hope to entertain Mr Blake?”

Tom Branson: “I’m not sure what I am, except a man in search of a better world.”

Mrs. Hughes: “Well done, for containing the Downton heart-breaker.”

Lady Mary: “So, you’re a practical farmer, as well as a theoretician. Not sure I was expecting that.”
Charles Blake: “I didn’t expect to see you as a cook and a water carrier.”
Lady Mary: “A night of discovery.”
Charles Blake: “Good discoveries. For me, anyway.”
Lady Mary: “I love how they’ve all gone to bed, without the slightest concern about us. What did they think we were doing?”
Charles Blake: “We went for a walk and vanished. Who knows what they thought?”

Evelyn Napier: “I gather you were the heroine of the pig drama.”
Lady Mary: “So, I’m not aloof now?”
Evelyn Napier: “Not a bit. Mucking in with the best of them. Only trouble for me is, I’m afraid it’s increased the competition.”

Mrs. Patmore: “But I do grudge him the tears and heartbreak that’ll flavour my puddings for weeks to come!”

Dr. Clarkson: “You will be rewarded in Heaven.”
Violet Crawley, the Dowager: “The sooner the better.”

Charles Blake: “By the time we got back, we looked as if we’d been wrestling in mud.
Tony Gillingham: “And had you?”
Lady Mary: “No. But then, it’s always nice to leave something for another time.”

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2 thoughts on “Downton Abbey 4×07: A night of discovery

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  2. Poor Evelyn, always seems to have in tow a friend who’s more interesting than himself…

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