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Weekly round-up: 40,000+ views!

Weekly round-up 35

Have we told you lately that our viewers are kinda amazing? Because y’all really are! We hit 40,000 views last week and if that’s not enough we are already close to hitting 42,000 views right at this moment. Unbelievable! Thanks so much for tuning in so frequently.

It was quite a week on television, don’t you agree? Miley smoked a joint at the MTV EMA’s to ‘shock’ the world again… Sigh, I really hope she starts focusing on her music again soon (sidenote: don’t worry not every Dutch person is a druggie). Although these award shows are quite the same we want to say thumbs up to Colton Haynes for his (almost) flawless Dutch welcome words.

Enough about the EMA’s, there was some great renewal news too. The Originals, Reign and The Tomorrow People received a full season order from The CW. We really can’t get enough of these shows, so we were over the moon when we heard the news (especially about Reign’s renewal – that show deserves more love than it’s getting so far). There was also renewal news from the UK: Downton Abbey will get a fifth season next year. Can’t wait to see where the storylines will go. But first let’s read up about the latest episodes of Downton Abbey and a few other shows in the weekly round-up below.

Downton Abbey 4×06: The lucky ones
Faves and Flaws: The Halloween trophies
The Originals 1×04: A night out on the town
Hart of Dixie 3×03: ReBelles
Nashville 2×05: Denim and diamonds
Downton Abbey 4×07: A night of discovery

Next week on All That Cubeness
Downton Abbey final (normal) episode for this season has aired and of course we will review this episode as soon as possible. We also continue catching up with other shows (The Vampire Diaries, Elementary, Arrow etc.), because I think our DVRs are going to explode otherwise. TTYL!


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