Nashville 2×06: Stable boys and stardom

Nashville S02E06

Nashville 2×06: It Must Be You
Since Lamar is in jail and his assets are frozen, Rayna has trouble buying herself out. So she focuses on getting Scarlett on tour, so she won’t record any stuff while being at Edgehill. In the meantime there is a polo match where the old money of Nashville try to be British. Rayna and Tandy attend to safe Rayna’s career, Juliette gets a mystery invite (which isn’t such a mystery when Charlie Wentworth shows up) and Deacon joins his new lawyer girlfriend to the match. Scarlett is nervous about her big performance at the Bluebird with a bunch of critics in the crowd. She talks with Avery about it and they end up sleeping together. Gunnar and Zoey on the other hand aren’t sure about moving forward after hooking up last time, because of Scarlett being their ex/bestie. Girl code can be confusing.

– Rayna hollering at other people for money to buy herself and her own label out, isn’t working. Poor Rayna. The people were quite horrible to her and her sister (although they spoke the truth about Tandy knowing Lamar’s dirty little secrets).
– Is it me or is Luke Wheeler creepy? I’m sorry, he doesn’t strike me as sincere. I hope Rayna isn’t serious about him…
– Don’t buy Deacon and the lawyer dating either. Okay, they are nice together, but I can’t see a long or passionate relationship happening between the two of them. It isn’t because I ship Rayna and Deacon (okay a little), but I think he had more chemistry with the vet last season.
– Avery and Scarlett rekindled this ep. It was a logical move after all this time, but I don’t think they are endgame.
– I’m not hating on all the couples (I think). The interaction between Zoey and Gunnar was funny when she tried to explain girl code to him. How can he not know about girl code. They forget pretty quick about it too, when Zoey found out that Scarlett had “moved on” (let’s say move back) with Avery.
– Avery getting interested in producing is a nice move.
– Juliette was so funny this week, getting intel from Wikipedia about polo matches.
– Teddy’s music festival pr is quite boring. I know they can’t kick him off the show, because Rayna’s girls need a dad, but I don’t really care about him either. Have fun marrying Peggy the liar.
– Look who walked in on Juliette and Charlie: his wife! That was quick. Is it me or are the writers rushing this storyline? Not that it bothers me. I want to see Juliette and Avery back together being BFFs (on screen) and making fun of the ridiculous people in the music industry. What I don’t get is why Charlie hasn’t filed for divorce if his marriage is that awful.

Not really impressed with the music this week. It is never a good sign when they start using old songs again. Although it was a nice acoustic version of Hypnotize. Scarlett’s song Every Time I Fall In Love was okay, because the lyrics where very fitting for the story they were telling, but it wasn’t a showstopper like This Town.

– Juliette’s sleeping arrangement with Charlie: smart or stupid?
– Should Zoey and Gunnar forget about Scarlett and start dating?
– Rayna and Luke Wheeler: yay or nay?

Nashville 2×06 quotes
Avery: “To be honest, I think I’d rather be a bar back and make my own music than wear golden handcuffs, you know?”

Zoey: “The girl code, you know, thou shalt not sleep with or date your best friend’s ex unless they’ve moved on or gotten married or fled to China. It’s an unspoken rule that I broke and now I feel like a super-slutty bad friend.”

Juliette: “According to Wikipedia, that horn means, the game’s about to start.”

Tandy: “Gosh, I think you had the right idea avoiding these people for years.”
Rayna: “I think I did, too.”

Charlie: “Absurd’s never gotten in the way of tradition.”

Deacon: “You know, it’s funny. I used to think polo was just a bunch of rich guys riding around on horses, smacking a ball. Turns out I was right.”

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