Nashville 2×07: Daddy’s girl

Nashville S02E07

Nashville 2×07 She’s Got You
Don’t Deacon, Rayna and Maddie look perfect together?! After a slightly disappointing episode last time, I really like where the stories are going. Teddy and Peggy got married in a private ceremony, but the event was quite confusing for Maddie so she asked her mom to reach out to Deacon. I’m so glad they did that eventually. Because of this new part Deacon has to play, he tries to get his life back together. He is singing again and asks Avery to help him out with the guitar parts. Juliette has some troubles with the press after she denies a DJ to touch her (it’s an ugly business for pretty girls sometimes). While Layla continues with her plan to win Will over, who has a lot of issues with being gay at the moment. Scarlett is off on her big first tour and so is Gunnar in exchange for his song.

– I really enjoyed Avery and Deacon’s storyline this week. It was funny when Deacon found Avery in the kitchen and then forced him to help out with his comeback (which needed to happen fast because Maddie wanted to meet her biological dad and Deacon didn’t want to be a deadbeat). I really like how Avery is becoming the moral compass on the show, giving advice to the people around him. I like the humble version of him.
– Back to Deacon: his speech at the Bluebird was great. We all knew it was for Maddie, but he said it without revealing his new identity as a dad. I also loved Rayna and Maddie’s chats about Deacon (what should she say to him, will he look at her the way Teddy looks at his daughter etc.). Talking about these questions made sense to me. Seeing them talk and being a family at the end of the episode was just wonderful. It wasn’t a single mom taking her eldest to her dad (and keeping an eye on them), it was a real family. I hope Rayna realizes that soon.
– ’cause Hello Rayna, your taste in men is awful sometimes. Luke Wheeler is so full of himself… ugh. I also had to laugh a bit because of the shooting scene. It was probably very Southern (to shoot at beer bottles) but at the same time Rayna made a statement about not being a gun girl, so the anti-gun fans of Nashville didn’t get too angry.
– The wedding scene was cheesy but nice. Plus the adorable Stella sisters took the stage eventually.
– Juliette took control over her life this episode. I like it. She has been pushed around long enough.
– I actually saw that kiss between Olivia and Juliette coming (the promo photos with a blurred out Olivia were quite obvious). Although I was a bit afraid she would hit Juliette in the first place. Yikes, Olivia looks scary.
– I hate Layla. She is so full of herself. I hope her career gets ruined when Will’s gay status is discovered by the paparazzi. Sounds harsh? Well, she has it coming.
– Will’s gay story still isn’t interesting in my opinion. It’s just very confusing, him walking away in a bar and fighting those idiots later that night (or maybe the writers try to show how confusing this is for Will, still don’t care though). I have a feeling that this fight will get Will into trouble soon. Although I think that Brent was a little harsh about real romantic relationships, because he works for the company (in a PR position even!) that forces Will to date Layla.
– Loved the awkward glances in the tour bus between Scarlett and Gunnar! This will get super interesting, because there are still feelings between them (and Gunnar sleeping with Scarlett’s BFF Zoey is quite a big elephant in the room too). Although I’m still sad that Gunnar lost his song. Hate that record label guy!

My favorite song this episode was the most entertaining one through the whole episode. Plus I love to see Maddie’s big smile again. She looks so proud of Deacon. Avery did some great backing vocals too. I really like Jonathan Jackson’s sound. Here is Deacon’s You’re The Kind Of Trouble.

– Scarlett and Gunnar on a tour bus together: great move or please don’t go there?
– Were you shocked by Olivia and Juliette’s kiss?
– Do you like Layla?

Nashville 2×07 quotes
Juliette: “No problem. I’m just not 17 and desperate anymore.”

Deacon to Avery: “Did you miss the part about me not wanting to look like an idiot?”

Juliette: “You have no idea what it’s like being a girl in this business. Everybody else holds the cards… the labels, the managers, the programmers. And you just have to play nice and beg, and if you’re pretty, sometimes you’re asked to do more. So you just smile and pretend that you don’t hate everybody who’s using you. That, that is how it works, Charlie. That is my life.”

Deacon: “There’s a look that people get when you disappoint them. It’s in their eyes, on their face, you know? I’m just tired of that damn look.”

Teddy to Maddie: “You were my first girl. You know that. You will always be my first girl.”

Deacon: “Nothing natural about this, all right? You’re hugging onto a guitar. Me, I got arms flying around.”

Maddie: “Mom, do you think that Deacon will ever look at me the way that dad looks at Daphne?”

Rayna: “You and I have been doing a real good job keeping our distance and moving on with our lives, but we’re just not gonna be able to do that. We have a daughter together. She’s asking for you. She wants her father.”

Juliette: “I guess nice just ain’t my color.”

Scarlett about the tour bus: “It’s weird. They’ve got six bunks up the front, but they put me in this little bedroom at the back, and I mean, I fit in the glove compartment, and everybody else is stacked up like firewood. I feel terrible about it.”

Deacon to Maddie: “You’re definitely growing up fast. Just not too fast, okay? I just got here.”

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